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Recent content by Juanajoanna

  1. Juanajoanna

    Can anyone relate!

    Have to agree with @davebugg. I also joined years ago in Seattle, when the store was truly a smelly dump. I remember being shocked when I saw the first “Flagship” store. The coop was founded as a way for outdoor enthusiasts with not too much money to pool resources and get bulk deals. Now it is...
  2. Juanajoanna

    Tonight's Dessert

    I love the way you casually say: “in one very quick motion”. Quick motions don’t work very well in my kitchen!
  3. Juanajoanna

    What to do about a proud tagger (a person who scrawls graffiti)

    What about burning clothes? Or discarding old boots by the side of the road. Or leaving notes along the way? All these things irritate me as someone else has to clean the area periodically or the trail would become impassable.
  4. Juanajoanna

    What are YOUR Favourite Spanish Words?

    Whenever I travel to a new country I first learn the basics: Hello - hola Please- por favor Thank you - gracias I believe there should be a test before entry is allowed. I often think about how intolerant one can be when others do not speak your language. Talking louder does not work.
  5. Juanajoanna

    Finally we can start imagine the new exit of Lisbon

    Looks lovely. A great addition to the city.
  6. Juanajoanna

    LIVE from the Camino Buy earplugs if the snoring annoys you...

    Hey Jeff, please let us know how the Sleeep earplugs work. They sound interesting. Joanne
  7. Juanajoanna

    The lesson of the cow

    Thanks for sharing. Very powerful.
  8. Juanajoanna

    New Travel Fiction about the Camino

    Sounds interesting. I’ll add it to my reading list
  9. Juanajoanna

    Simple Excel-based dates, days and walking hours calculator

    I do the same type of thing. I am an obsessive excel person.
  10. Juanajoanna

    The "ultimate" backpack for the Pyrenees or winter Caminos..."

    best thing I saw all day! Thanks
  11. Juanajoanna

    Splurge in Cáceres?

    Menú sounds delicious
  12. Juanajoanna

    Where to start: 30 days walking

    I agree with Ltfit. There is so much history and culture in the section from Sevilla to Salamanca. The Roman mosaics in Italica and Merida are among the best in the world. Sevilla, Zafra, Cáceres, and Salamanca are fascinating cites/towns. The small towns along the route are very traditional and...
  13. Juanajoanna


    I was there in April 2017 and never saw any. It was s dry April. It’s a beautiful way
  14. Juanajoanna

    Newbie on the Via de la Plata - Suggestions welcome!

    Thanks @Carel. What a great link: simple and easy to follow.