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    • Karlacola
      Karlacola reacted to SabsP's post in the thread Pilgrimage - selfish? with Love - Red heart Love - Red heart.
      The Camino is not unlike Life itself : the good, the bad & the ugly. So when someone on the Camino tries to impose his / her beliefs on me I do the same when I meet them in my local pub : get away from them and search a quieter place. Please do...
    • Karlacola
      Karlacola reacted to Bradypus's post in the thread Pilgrimage - selfish? with Love - Red heart Love - Red heart.
      You seem to be suggesting that because someone does not wish to enter into conversation with you on a topic of your choice they have no interest or respect for that matter. Why do you assume that it is the duty of other pilgrims to be your...
    • Karlacola
      Karlacola reacted to Antnix1's post in the thread Pilgrimage - selfish? with Like Like.
      Sounds like you wanted to shoehorn your personal beliefs about climate change and vegetarianism into conversation and other pilgrims didn't want to engage with you in such discussions. Good for them! Hmm, egocentric might be a better word then...
    • Karlacola
      Karlacola reacted to Pafayac's post in the thread Pilgrimage - selfish? with Like Like.
      That is the magical of the Camino: we meet other people who do not have anything common with us, but we often become friends because first the basic questions arise. Where to sleep ? What to eat ? How to cure this pain ? For me, pilgrimage began...
    • Karlacola
      Karlacola reacted to Naturaleza's post in the thread Pilgrimage - selfish? with Angry Angry.
      Been back for a week from the Camono Primitivo, my heart is full of overwhelming gratefulness for this experience, but also full of disappointment. On one side, I enjoyed a beautiful and astonishing landscape. Special flowers beside the paths...
    • Karlacola
      Karlacola reacted to BHP's post in the thread Death of American pilgrim in Castromaior today with Love - Red heart Love - Red heart.
      This was my husband. So many thanks to all of my fellow pilgrims who stopped to help and to pray and to translate for me. He was doing what he loved. Thank you for the news article link.
    • Karlacola
      Karlacola reacted to Marbe2's post in the thread Rip off Restaurant with Angry Angry.
      Sorry that you had such a “traumatic” experience…. but even more sorry that for a few Euros/ dollars you were so concerned about being ripped off for breakfast that your energy was directed away from the beautiful coastal camino you are walking...
    • Karlacola
      Karlacola reacted to GEDGER's post in the thread Rip off Restaurant with Angry Angry.
      Hi We are on the Camino and wanted to warn our fellow travellers to stay away from O MUINO camping/ bungalow Park. They have signs on the road from Mougas saying pilgrim breakfast available, claiming to be the last one before Baoina. There are...
    • Karlacola
      We stayed in private accommodation the entire time.And did the Camino from St. Jean Pied de Port all the way to Santiago. We used a luggage transfer company every day and there was never a problem. We used Pilbeo. Buen Camino
    • Karlacola
      They either don't hear you coming so they don't move off the track to let you pass and frequently ignore a friendly Buen Camino as presumably they can't hear the comment. I guess that, deep down, it is my perception that they are missing so much...
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