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Recent content by Lindsay53

  1. Lindsay53

    Some basic questions about waking up etiquette

    Why does anyone need an alarm on the Camino?
  2. Lindsay53

    Fire Safety in Albergues

    Spain is a wonderful country, but their attitude to safety leaves much to be desired, not only in the albergues, but in general it seems. Walking past road works and construction sites I noticed a distinct lack of safety precautions that in most countries would see the work site shut down.
  3. Lindsay53

    Has anyone seen these coins yet?

    A very tempting souvenir. I will think about it next year.
  4. Lindsay53

    I Need a Hiking Buddy

    A couple of things Gabriel. Why does your boss have any say in what you do on your own time, and why are you planning a Camino with such a punishing timetable? The Camino is as much about the inner journey as the physical one. Be in the moment rather than rushing though it. In any case, I doubt...
  5. Lindsay53

    The Song of Roland

    I was aware of the Song of Roland and the historical events surrounding him, at least on a fairly superficial level, and as I walked across the mountains and down to Roncesvalles I was certainly thinking about the history of the land I was walking through.
  6. Lindsay53

    Space Blanket: Noise?

    I'm only planning on using it as a last resort if there is no room in the albergues. I hope not to have to use it at all.
  7. Lindsay53

    Space Blanket: Noise?

    I am thinking about carrying a "reuseable" emergency bivy bag and an inflatable mattress with me as well as my sleeping bag on the Portuguese next year in case accommodation is hard to come by some nights. I would not consider using it in an albergue however.
  8. Lindsay53

    After the Camino

    I was one of those who felt somewhat lost afterward. I felt a sense of anti-climax after returning to Santiago from the end of my walk in Muxia. I felt restless but had no desire to become a mere tourist (that sounds condescending I know) so I brought my flight home forward, staying only two...
  9. Lindsay53

    Looking for lightweight tent

    I think it may have already been said, but the rule of thumb is the lighter the tent, the more it costs. I have a Tarptent Moment which has served me well for several years. Weighs about 950g, easy to set up and plenty of room inside for a fairly large person like me.
  10. Lindsay53

    Blue Mountains Camino supporters Walk

    I'm afraid I won't be attending the BM Camino after all. Some things I thought I could reschedule have interfered. Maybe next time.
  11. Lindsay53

    Bombeiros (fire stations) as accommodation

    Thank you Albertinho. I am looking forward to it!
  12. Lindsay53

    Bombeiros (fire stations) as accommodation

    Accommodation question. I hope to start the Portuguese Camino from Lisbon next April. Are the fire stations still providing accommodation? Thanks :)
  13. Lindsay53

    A Great Kindness in El Ganso

    The Camino provides!
  14. Lindsay53

    Blue Mountains Camino supporters Walk

    Should be there as well. The zoom meeting on Wednesday was good, although not many participants. Looking forward to the walk.
  15. Lindsay53

    More accommodation than you'll ever need.

    That sort of profiteering is unethical, if not illegal. Can your friend appeal his eviction?