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2022 Camino Guides
The 2022 Camino guides will be coming out little by little, most of them by the end of 2021. Here is a collection of the ones that are out so far.
Camino de Santiago of the Canary Islands
The officially recognized Camino de Santiago on the Canary Islands!

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  1. Loriene

    Skipping Pamplona?

    Thank you for this recommendation! I just booked this hotel for my first night in Spain! It looks like an ideal location. That next day I can see the city a bit and enjoy lunch before catching a bus to SJPDP- all an easy walk. It is a relief to know that after a long trip, I will have a...
  2. Loriene

    Skipping Pamplona?

    Thanks for the tip! I will look into them tonight. It sounds like a nice option. I will be arriving after a long trip, so a private room might be a nice way to crash!
  3. Loriene

    Skipping Pamplona?

    I saw your recent post and thought perhaps you might be able to help me. I have a late flight into Pamplona (from Madrid) and won't arrive until after 21:30. I will be traveling the following day to SJPdP and I am trying to find a place to stay in Pamplona that first night. Unfortunately...
  4. Loriene

    Rumpl blankets?

    For my summer Camino this year, I am planning on a sleeping bag liner and a travel Rumpl. The Rumpl blankets are incredibly warm and if needed I can use it inside the liner. The travel size is large enough to cover me, but I’m a short and sleep scrunched up😊. At .7 lb the weight was not too...
  5. Loriene

    Backpack indecision help!

    After an exhausting search and many spreadsheets later, I landed with the Photon. It is incredibly comfortable and the design of the hip belt means you can easily access the pockets. Enjoy!
  6. Loriene

    Trekking Poles Tips

    Brilliant! Such a good idea and I had never thought of this option. It will be nice knowing I have them waiting for me when I arrive. Thank you for the thoughtful reply.
  7. Loriene

    Trekking Poles Tips

    Traveling from the US, I am trying to avoid taking my current pair with me. I am planning on heading straight from the Madrid airport to the train station, so no time to explore Madrid and purchase a pair there (I will see the city on my return!). From my research it seems that I can purchase...
  8. Loriene

    Trekking Poles Tips

    I am also planning on purchasing a pair when I arrive. I am traveling by train to Pamplona before going on to SJPP. Would you recommend purchasing them in Pamplona or SJPP? I just want to find a good quality pair and I'm nervous about having limited selection (this is my first Camino).