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    • martapl
      Day 2 – Cades to Cicera (+-16km) Lafuente: drinks shop / albergue Cicera: Hotels/Inns/Albergue/Tavern We had a restorative night of sleep. An awesome breakfast at the hotel also helped a lot. The walk around Cades in the morning was very...
    • martapl
      Day 1- San Vicente de La Barquera to Cades (+-25km) Serdio: albergue/bar Munorrodero: inn/restaurant Cades: albergue/hotel with bar San Vicente de La Barquera is a lovely little city at a 1-hour-something bus ride from Santander. We left...
    • martapl
      martapl reacted to Gringazolana's post in the thread What's a Slow Walker? with Like Like.
      Me. I’m a slow walker. I *can* walk 5K in an hour on flat land, but on Camino I averaged about 3-4 km/hr. Some days probably even less! Many things to stop and look at (interesting buildings, horses, moss) and bad knees. Say hello when you pass me!
    • martapl
      martapl reacted to Tincatinker's post in the thread What's a Slow Walker? with Like Like.
      I walk 6kph on the flat but class myself as a slow walker because I keep stopping to look at stuff or for a beer/coffee/Orujo whatever. Consequently 10 hours walking gets me 30km, not 60. 😉
    • martapl
      martapl reacted to AnneO's post in the thread What's a Slow Walker? with Like Like.
      I average about 3-5km per hour. I could probably walk a little faster but I would rather be slow and comfortable than fast and uncomfortable. I prefer a maximum distance of 20km per day to accommodate my slow pace.
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