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Recent content by Mera

  1. Mera

    Covid lockdown, it is a way of seeing I think

    Yes, so true! There is a book: The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate," and it is amazing to read about what goes on underneath. Perhaps we too can communicate through pilgrim spirits.
  2. Mera

    What food did you ENJOY on your Camino(s)?

    I dream of all the fresh seafood along the Camino del Norte, everyday!
  3. Mera

    Anyone in Korea?

    Well, they tend to be shorter than westerners in general, and the center of the gravity is lower. Accordingly they can maintain their balances more easily than taller people. My Korean friends will happily trade in this advantage for an inch at any time.
  4. Mera

    Anyone in Korea?

    Yes, I have traveled Korea and Japan extensively a few times. There are many hidden gems in South Korea, outside the big cities like Seoul or Busan. Hope you get to enjoy them. I don't recommend visiting Japan right now due to high COVID cases and radiation concerns. One of the problems...
  5. Mera

    Anyone in Korea?

    Then perhaps you would like to climb Hanla Mountain. It's the tallest mountain in South Korea. It's absolutely beautiful in spring time with full of blooming azaleas. I think it takes as long as going over the Pyrenees from SJPD, it was for me anyway. There are many B&B places to stay.
  6. Mera

    Anyone in Korea?

    Wow, I am envious of your trip. Korean government is on top of COVID 19. They had the 1st patient in January, but so far they have a total of less than 400 death with around 20,000 cases. They test, trace, and treat. It is under control partly because there are closed circuit TVs in every...
  7. Mera

    Camino del Norte 2020 completed

    Congratulations! Have you seen my friend (the goat with Mona Lisa smile)? I walked the entire Norte (a.k.a. Sheer Bliss) last year. I booked a flight twice and had to cancel it because U.S. citizens are not admitted to Spain this year. I am envious, but happy for you.
  8. Mera

    Video - Camino primitivo advice from the locals

    How I wish I were there, walking! Incredible luxury and impossibility right now.
  9. Mera

    Should I pack my kindle?

    I love Audibles. Also, your local library will have an Audible-like apps with which you can borrow books for free.
  10. Mera

    Should I pack my kindle?

    In my opinion, Kindle is way too heavy. I have all my Kindle books on my phone app, and have Audibles. I listened to books on Audibles before bed but did not really have time or energy to sit and read printed books.
  11. Mera

    Observations from a small village local

    I am dismayed to hear about such careless behaviors. As one of past pilgrims, I apologize. By the way Portomarin is one of my favorite city on CF. What a lovely place it is. I am envious that you live there. God bless you with good health.
  12. Mera

    If you were to choose your Camino based on the food?

    It is actually in Padrón. I was mistaken because of the same name. It is a very lovely B&B. You can Google their website to make a reservation. Casa de Marcelo casademarcelo.com Juane-Carcacia-Padron, 15914, Padron
  13. Mera

    If life were perfect....

    Martha, in my humble opinion, your life IS perfect. Long marriage, long life, loving family, adventurist spirit and the HEALTH! What more one can ask? Anything else appears to be extra blessing.