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    • mike105
      I tore my meniscus 2 Yeats ago in Portugal ending my Camino prematurely. The day after being told this by a doctor I took an Uber to the Porto airport and flew home. The flight was about 1200 Canadian dollars. Allianz reimbursed me for it. It...
    • mike105
      mike105 replied to the thread The Camino will provide?.
      As a child, finding out the presents I thought Santa provided were actually given by my parents was a very traumatic moment. And now I'm learning the camino providing is actually people doing kind things...okay seriously, it's a figure of...
    • mike105
      mike105 reacted to Antnix1's post in the thread Social anxiety on the camimo with Like Like.
      Re "Camino" family. Yea, you'll have no problem falling in with a little group if that's what you're looking for. I did it on my first camino. The people in groups dancing and hugging - many started 5 days before and sang and danced the entire...
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