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    Camino de Madrid in September

    Hi All, I'll be walking the Camino de Madrid for the first few weeks of September from Madrid to Sahagún, which I'm very much looking forward to doing - there's nothing better than walking straight out of your front door on to the Camino! I'll be taking notes to update the CSJ guidebook, but...
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    madrid route to medina de rioseco

    Thanks a lot for these comments! We'll keep them in mind for the next edition of the guide :) Max
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    Non-walking day on Camino de Madrid?

    Another option is to take your rest day in Valladolid. The camino passes very close, and it is certainly worth a visit. You take a short bus from Puente Duero, and either return on the same day, or sleep in Valladolid for a night! M
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    The calzada romana in Fuenfria

    Good luck! It will be a great time of the year to walk it - although temperatures are starting to rise, the countryside is very green and beautiful at the moment! I must admit I'm a little jealous... Buen Camino! M
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    2013 New Edition of on-line guide now available

    Brilliant! Thanks a lot Ivar, Max
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    2013 New Edition of on-line guide now available

    I have updated the guide again with some comments we received recently, and added some of the points which have been mentioned on this forum. I've also edited the altitude maps to make them more equal and representative. It is practically the same as the 2013 guide already here, except for a few...
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    The calzada romana in Fuenfria

    This website is quite interesting: http://mayayo.blogspot.com.es/2012/01/r ... lzada.html It has a picture of pretty much where the calzada begins in earnest - you can see a yellow arrow on the fence, and if you look closely the trees have painted "dots" or "circles" on them. The one furthest...
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    Camino de Madrid Map

    Forgive me if this has been posted here before, but I thought this map of the camino looks quite accurate and potentially very very useful! http://hiking.waymarkedtrails.org/en/relation/112925 M
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    The calzada romana in Fuenfria

    Hi there - I haven't had the chance to read the various maps but I thought I'd add my opinion to this, since I had trouble when I walked this section. Firstly may I warn you that during this section of the walk the trees have "yellow circles" marked on them - these, although the same colours...
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    Backwards on the Camino de Madrid?

    I met a guy walking the Camino de Madrid backwards when I did it. I agree that it is probably the hardest one to walk backwards due to the fact that it is likely that many days you will not encounter a single person walking it, even in peak season. Certainly feasible though!
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    Albergue in Manzanares closed

    Yes, very true!
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    Albergue in Manzanares closed

    We've taken note of this for the new edition of the Madrid guide - such a shame, as it was a great place to stay! Having said that, I still feel the pain of having to walk the extra few kilometers uphill to the albergue, and then again in the morning to return the key. It was also quite a spooky...
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    A shorter stage from Cercedilla

    That sounds great, definitely send it in to me or John and we'll include it in the new guide! Max
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    2013 New Edition of on-line guide now available

    Very sorry for the problems people are having with formatting etc - hopefully I can have a go editing it on a Windows next week and see what the problem is! Max
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    Camino de Madrid suggestions

    Dear all, I'm currently collecting some notes on my recent trip along the Camino de Madrid in order to help edit the Confraternity of St James's guide book. I was wondering whether any of you would like to share some tips/comments on your own experience along the camino. Ultreya et Suseia!

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