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  1. Morning Waters

    I do belong to the Sacramento Pilgrims group. I have given several presentations at their...

    I do belong to the Sacramento Pilgrims group. I have given several presentations at their monthly meetings about sketching on the Camino with a couple of other artists from the group. I am glad to see that they are resuming the monthly walks. Yes, I am familiar with Efren also and have...
  2. Morning Waters

    Any new restrictions returning to US ?

    Where would one get a PCR covid test in Spain, either Santiago or Madrid, for returning to the USA? Pharmacies, clinics? What are they costing? Anyone currently on the ground who can give information about that they are doing to get a test done prior to their return home?
  3. Morning Waters

    Hotel pricing is low right now.

    AHHHH I remember walking into Vila do Conde my first stage of my Camino from Porto. I was delirious from fatigue, hunger and a blister, having bit off more that I could chew with a 20 lb pack and walking further that I should have that first day. (I know, I know). I checked into the Hotel...
  4. Morning Waters

    Thefts/arrests In albergues along the Camino/Just a reminder !!!

    The travel stuff company Magellans has a door stop alarm that is only $15 and 3 oz. and does not look like it would mar a floor. To be used in a private room or a hotel room like the previously mentioned door wedge. It looks like it would help alert everyone that an unwelcome entrance was...
  5. Morning Waters

    U.S. Passport will expire within 6 months of entering Spain. Help!

    Good information. I was surprising to see: Americans to Apply for EU Travel Authorization starting 2022 US citizens will have to apply for an ETIAS prior to their travel towards Europe, in order to be allowed to enter the territory, by the end of 2022. This was something I had not heard about...
  6. Morning Waters

    Efren Gonzalez is BACK !!!

    David-Thank you for including Jeannee James. I really enjoyed her "Alaskan Pilgrim" series of vlogs as she did her camino in 2018. Being a woman of certain age myself, I was inspired by her trials, tribulations and triumphs.
  7. Morning Waters

    Efren Gonzalez is BACK !!!

    Per Perigrina-Álvaro Lazaga is currently walking and posts a 3-5 minute video every day. His youtube vlogs are in Spanish. I put on the closed captioning to practice my listening Spanish!
  8. Morning Waters

    Hello, I noticed that you are a neighbor!!! as I live in Fair Oaks. I did the Camino Portugues...

    Hello, I noticed that you are a neighbor!!! as I live in Fair Oaks. I did the Camino Portugues May 2019 and had a wonderful time. If you have any questions or would like to meet up with another Caminoista send me a message. Best, Morning Waters Also, check out Alaskan Pilgrim you tube...
  9. Morning Waters

    Efren Gonzalez is BACK !!!

    I just noticed that Efren Gonzalez is on the Camino Francis now and posting his Vlogs on You Tube about his travels. He is starting in Ponferrada, sporting a cute man bun and is his usual cheerful, passionate, loquacious self. For those of us who are aching to be on the camino it is a real...
  10. Morning Waters

    The end of our pilgrim mission.

    I also walked the Camino Portugues in May of 2019 and want to add my gratitude for all that your group has done to cherish and serve the Caminos to Fatima and Santiago. Bless you all and thank you so very much.
  11. Morning Waters

    This is my favorite creation made while On Camino!

    Here are some sketches from my Camino Portugues May 2019. Most of my sketches were done in the afternoon as I was exploring the town I was in. Occasionally I would do a sketch while walking, stopping for a particular picturesque scene. I would then take a photo and then water color in the...
  12. Morning Waters

    Got my first Covid-19 shot!

    I got my second Covid vaccine dose yesterday and nearly cried with relief. I am a health care worker (in Obstetrics) but we have been seeing a steady increase in Covid positive pregnant ladies, this is on top of the increase in deliveries from 'Covid shut down' conceived babies ; >}. The first...
  13. Morning Waters

    Anyone got ideas where to take couple of days break during Camino?

    Definitely spend an extra day or two in Porto, a wonderful city with some great places to see. I moved inland after Vila do Conde and spent an extra day in Barcelos/Barcelinhos to see these two wonderful towns that straddle a river. Valenca on the border of Portugal and Spain is worth an extra...
  14. Morning Waters

    Ashes to Spain?

    I also took a small container of the mixed ashes of my parents on my Camino Portugues in 2019. Both loved to travel. My mother knew of and encouraged my Camino before she died in Jan 2019. I found leaving their ashes in various special places along the Camino very cathartic and healing. I...