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John Brierley Camino Frances Guide
This guide is one of the ones that has been around for over 15 years. Updated yearly. Please read the reviews.
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Recent content by QuailHiker

  1. QuailHiker

    WiFi On the Olvidado y Invierno?

    Thanks, Laurie -- you've been a wealth of information! I think we've got the right info about the mountain alternatives and are looking forward to them and the entire trip. There are several threads from the past year I need to read through completely, but I'm building my knowledge base -- as...
  2. QuailHiker

    WiFi On the Olvidado y Invierno?

    Two of us are planning to walk the Olvidado and Invierno in April/May of this year. How would you compare WiFi access on these routes to say, the Primitivo? Thanks. Fred
  3. QuailHiker

    Olvidado and Invierno?

    Is starting in late April from Bilbao too early for the mountain stages of the Olvidado?
  4. QuailHiker

    LIVE from the Camino Starting the Olvidado on Sept 18 2019

    Looking forward to your reports, Mike. hope to do the Olvidado next spring. Buen Camino!
  5. QuailHiker

    To Orisson or not to Orisson...

    Another person's opinion ..... I walked to Roncesvalles the first day and was glad I did. As a then-62 year old, I did not find this first day all that tiring. Maybe it was the adrenaline. I stopped at Orrison for a break and then just took my time on the walk. I agree that you should stay in...
  6. QuailHiker

    On the Camino again

    Buen Camino! Please post about conditions.
  7. QuailHiker

    Go on Primitivo or Finish on del Norte?

    No problemo. As said above, you may well not be in a pack, but there were at least 20 of us on about the same daily schedule when I walked.
  8. QuailHiker

    Favorite albergues in the Primitivo

    You might review the post of basically the same name from August 14, 2018.
  9. QuailHiker

    What are YOUR Favourite Spanish Words?

    Because of how they sound: autobus calcetines (as in “los calcetines huelen mal!”
  10. QuailHiker

    2019 REI Camino at a discount

    I am a frequent REI customer, but have agreed (now and previously) that these tour prices are ridiculous. I would respond to the comment on employee attitudes, however. It was an employee at "my" store (in Atlanta) who first exposed me to the Camino as the wonderful long walk and pilgrimage that...
  11. QuailHiker

    Camino del Norte or camino Frances?

    I agree with what is the typical advice: walk the Frances for your first Camino. I did in 2016 and then walked the del Norte and Primitivo this year, both Caminos in the spring. You will definitely find company if you want on the del Norte, just not as many folks as on the Frances. On both, you...
  12. QuailHiker

    You'll Never Walk Alone

    Peter: This is my "Camino Song" -- thanks!
  13. QuailHiker

    I need recommendation for a place in LUGO

    Specifically to leave enough time to explore Lugo, we hoofed it to Castroverde the day before to have a shorter day into Lugo. It was the right decision for us, 'cause we didn't want to take a full day off in Lugo.
  14. QuailHiker

    finisterre or muxia

    My vote: walk to Fisterra first, because you get some sea views and an overall more interesting walk. Then a day's walk to Muxia. A perfect place to end your Camino, IMHO.
  15. QuailHiker

    Weight Loss

    I am 67-year old male with a fairly thin frame. I've walked two Caminos. Lost well over ten pounds on both, and wasn't at all overweight either time I started. My take is you can't drink enough wine to replace the calories you burned -- I estimate I burned 4-5,000+ calories most days.