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  • Hello Sillydoll, I would like to purchase the Swiss Camino ( Rorshach to Geneva) guide book but don't see it in your store. It's advertised as costing 15.90. Where could I find it?
    Hola Sillydoll - have read only the briefest early part of the blog. But am already impress with the opening comments about Credencial del Peregrinos. I had always thought that the credencial (especially one carried by a serf, issued by his parish priest) was the document a pilgrim serf needed to prove that he/she was legally outside of their parish or lord/master's land area. Thanks
    Hi sillydoll, I am a fellow Via Francigena traveler and a graduate student at Duke University in Durham, NC. I am researching why people travel the Via Francigena. If you are willing to participate in a 15-minute survey, would you send your email address to: I will be happy to share the study results with you. Buon Cammino and thank you for your time.
    Hi My daughter and I are hoping to do the Camino in May. She is in a wheelchair and I, mom will be her backup.
    Reading through the forum it seems that you are the person to chat to. As I am also from South Africa I was wondering if I could telephone you for a chat sometime? If you are happy to have a chat, my email address is
    if you could give me your contact details.
    Regards Lesley
    Sillydoll, I'm looking for the posted image, altitude maps, Via Touronensis Profile. It appears on web cache, yet not here once you join the forum, and the thumbnail image accessible from outside the forum is low resolution. Could you please repost the readable image? Thank you. Also, I have enjoyed reading your prior posts today. Do you have advice on the route from Paris to Saint Jean Pied de Port? Thank you.
    sillydoll, I just wanted to tell you that I love reading your posts. you bring a lot of knowledge and historical information with your participation in threads. thank you so much for being a helpful person.
    Sil!!! Hope you're well and see this before you leave!! I can't access the PDF for accomm and stages of VDLP, I'm starting from Seville on Monday 19 May, which thread do I follow? I find it difficult to navigate around the forum :(
    My wife and I will fly out to Porto, the 8th of may to do our 2nd Camino. Is there something / place / something interresting that we have to do or visit on our way.
    Dirk & Ria
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