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Recent content by Steven Dwyer

  1. Steven Dwyer

    Two stamps from Sarria to Santiago????

    I remember the first time I heard this rule may have been 2005. My response was if they want two stamps a day, why limit it to Sarria onwards. so I ended up filling 4 credentials by the time I reached Santiago.
  2. Steven Dwyer

    Purchasing Train Tickets

    Rail Europe might be good for buying a rail pass, but for point-to-point thickets I find them expensive and they don’t always show all of the options. I use for Spanish rail tickets and for French rail tickets. I haven’t used SNCF for a couple of years, but in the past if you...
  3. Steven Dwyer

    Money exchange - current rates

    1. When taking out cash from an ATM, always decline the option of have the transaction converted to US dollars. Your own bank will do the conversion for you at a much better rate. This also applies to using a credit card when they offer to do the conversion for you. 2. Limit the number of...
  4. Steven Dwyer

    Canfranc Estacion is in the news

    In 2005 it was possible to explore the interior of the station. So glad to see it finally being renovated. Back in April they opened a new rail station on the site since the old station is slated to become a hotel. A pilgrim information building has been completed according to the architects...
  5. Steven Dwyer

    Information on Barcelona to Montserrat

    Yes, the camino is well marked. I Hey Brent, yes, there were a lot of arrows and some other types of markers between Terrassa and Montserra. I think I missed one overgrown marker, but quickly realized I was off the Camino. It would be helpful to have Wikiloc or another GPS app in case you...
  6. Steven Dwyer

    Michelin Starred restaurant near G65

    Reading this thread I remembered years ago someone telling me how awful they thought the food on the Camino was. I asked if they tried anything other than Pilgrim menu’s and they said no. My reply was to ask them if they ate at a Denny’s every day back home. I went on to suggest that had they...
  7. Steven Dwyer

    Train transfer in Ourense

    Ourense has two stations and both of them are small. Spanish trains run pretty close to scheduled times, so the connection should not be a problem. Just make certain that you get off at the correct station. I have made many train connections without an issue.
  8. Steven Dwyer

    Flying into BCN — recommendations welcome!

    I have stayed at Hostal Sans (Antoni de Capmany, 82, Sants-Montjuïc, Barcelona, 08014, Spain) several times in the past and enjoyed my stays. About a 7 minutes walk to the Sants Station. If you book elsewhere in Barcelona, the R2 train continues on to 54 Passeig de Gràcia, Barcelona which is...
  9. Steven Dwyer

    Information on Barcelona to Montserrat

    JabbaPapa, you are correct that much of the day’s walk is on roadways, and yes there would be a way to eventually walk around the problem areas. The issue for me as I encountered these areas was that I had a very limited map and not good cell phone connectivity to look for an alternative...
  10. Steven Dwyer

    Credentials and Sellos - Barcelona to Montserrat

    Thanks Rick. I was thinking that as well, but wasn’t certain. I have edited my post to provide that information. That was a fun day we spent in Barcelona together exploring the churches. Thanks for introducing me to St. Pau del Camp.
  11. Steven Dwyer

    Information on Barcelona to Montserrat

    Thank you, Brent. I am a bit envious of you as I would love to have Barcelona and Montserrat on my travel schedule this year. Maybe next year. One thing that I forgot to mention and the rain outside brings to mind is that if there is any significant rain, i would exercise caution walking from...
  12. Steven Dwyer

    Credentials and Sellos - Barcelona to Montserrat

    Here are three places to get your pilgrim credential in Barcelona St. Pau del Camp (St. Paul in the Fields) Carrer de Sant Pau, 99 Romanesque monastery Església de Sant Jaume (Church of St. James/Santiago) Carrer de Ferran, 28, 08002 Barcelona Parrish church dating back to the 14th Century...
  13. Steven Dwyer

    Information on Barcelona to Montserrat

    I really liked the walk from Barcelona to Monserrat, so much so that in 2019 I ended up walking five of the various route options to see what they were like. So for what it is worth, here are my thoughts. As I was writing this, it looks like you made the decision to go through Terrassa. i am...
  14. Steven Dwyer

    Can I have my backpack transported to municipal albergues?

    I walked my first camino back in 2000 when the only luggage transport was from Villafranca to O’Cebreiro and there were few private albergues so I am somewhat old school in my thoughts on the camino so my thinking is that if you can afford to have your luggage transported, you should be able to...
  15. Steven Dwyer

    La Sagrada Familia to get a roof after 127 years

    I was fortunate to visit Sagrada Familia last year while walking the Camino stage from Barcelona to The Monastery at Montserrat. The first visit I was planning to attend mass in the crypt but instead was able to attend the international mass in the main Basilica. It was wonderful to experience...