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Recent content by Stevenlou

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    Cycling Santander to Burgos

    Thanks for your suggestion, we will have a think about that, we have set our minds on beginning in Burgos we have plenty of time to cycle from Burgos to santiago. Although cycling from fromista would shorten the camino it would give us more time to enjoy Northern Spain. Many thanks.
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    Cycling from Bilbao to Santiago in September

    We start our camino August 2019. Thank you for you reply.
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    Cycling Bilbao to Santiago - Lisbon - Lagos advice

    Thanks for the valuable information Mike.
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    Cycling Bilbao to Santiago - Lisbon - Lagos advice

    Hi Mike just reading this with interest, we sail into santander in Aug this year we have booked accommodation for when we arrive, we are hoping to get booked on the alsa bus with our 2 bikes to Burgos the following day, would you think this would be possible or would we have to pre book a few...
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    Cycling from Bilbao to Santiago in September

    We are not sure whether to pre book our camino accommodation has we are not sure what distance we will cycle each day so hoping we can get a bed on each day we arrive at our daily stop or pre book a day in advance. We set off from santander in August. Looking forward to long hot sunny days and...
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    Cycling from Bilbao

    All great information raj, myself and my wife are sailing Portsmouth to santander in August, and will be cycling the camino Frances picking the camino up in Burgos, we may pack the 2 bikes into alsa bus to travel to Burgos if not then we will cycle the road route to Burgos.
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    Cycling Santander to Burgos

    Many thanks for your reply we will be riding hybrid and gravel bikes, we visited santander about 7 years ago in June they had the most horrendous rain for 5 days, the main reason we opted for the sunshine months we know it is also difficult in the heat, we are keen cyclists in our mid 50s and...
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    Cycling Santander to Burgos

    Hi all, we have our camino booked for august/Sept 2019 just wondering has anyone cycled from santander to burgos, was planning to load 2 bikes on alsa bus to Burgos to then pick up camino trail, however an after thought is maybe we could cycle to Burgos, wondering what road network is like en...
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    We biked the Camino Frances (June 2018)

    We will be cycling in aug/Sept 2019 using our own bikes, we are planning on using the alsa bus to get us and bikes from santander to Burgos, did you book on the alsa bus in advance or could you book a ticket on the morning of your travel.
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    Camino Frances Biking Tips from a Non Biker.

    Was wondering the same re tyres I will be riding my sonder gravel bike with 700c x 38mm tyres my wife will be riding her boardman hybrid with the same size tyre I'm hoping these will be sufficient for the type of riding we have seen on you tube videos.
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    Camino Frances Biking Tips from a Non Biker.

    Very informative reply many thanks. Will have to purchase the Brierley you talk about. Many thanks steve n lou.
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    Bicycles and albergues

    We are cycling the camino Frances from August to September 2019, do albergue and pension accommodate bicycles along the camino.
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    Into Burgos and onto a bike

    We are going to be making our way to Burgos from santander with our bicycles in August next year, hoping to bus from from santander to Burgos with bikes then cycle from Burgos to santiago.
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    Bilbao to Burgos

    We may end up cycling from santander to Burgos next August, was hoping to bus to Burgos with bikes but it seems a bit of a chance weather we can get on a bus or not. All the best.
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    Albergue in santander

    Hi jenny thank you for the reply do you know if they would accommodate 2 bicycles, we have sorted a room for the night we arrive, and would also like to book another for a couple of nights when we return and before we board ferry.