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    Day 1 Irun/San Sebastian -recommendations please

    Suggest you start in the old town in Hondarribbia and go the whole way to San Sebastián. This shorts the day just a bit which helps make it more enjoyable. Seriously this is just about the best day on whole Norte. We walked it on a seriously cloudy day that turned to pure sunshine as the day...
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    Walking from Le Puy to St Jean Pied de Port in Summer 2018

    Totally agree with you regarding iPhiGenie. We walked the route in 2017 and found it absolutely invaluable
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    Conques to Moissac: May or June?

    We walked this section in May 2017. It was wonderful. We did book our accommodation a few days to a week ahead. Some places were full but we got by OK , although on one occasion we had to catch a taxi to a place back where we had been and then forward to where we had walked to. Yes mainly...
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    To book or not to book!

    We started late April and we generally booked 1 to 3 days ahead. In some instances there was plenty of room when we arrived, but in others there was not a soars bed left and booking had been essential. Accommodation can be very limited on some stages with few options and, if you sense this...
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    Miam Miam DoDo in English

    There is also the Guide to the Via Podiensensis, another name for the route, in English from Pilrimage Publications. Available as an ebook or hard copy. Not as up to date as a 2019 Miam Miam but we found it very useful for accommodation and very rarely used our Miam Miam. For maps the French...
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    Trekking poles

    Ive used poles for the past fifteen years and wish that I had used them for the previous twenty. Then I would not be sitting outside a doctors surgery as I am now to talk about an MRI scan on my knees. They are the just about the most important piece of kit I have. Don’t skimp, get the best you...
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    Carry on backpack?

    In my view your objective for the Camino should be not to carry any more than you can take as hand luggage. I have a bad back and knees and have managed to carry everything I need for four Camino walks now in nothing more than I can carry in an Osprey Talon 33. That said my wife prefers a 40...
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    Miam Miam Dodo app

    I downloaded their previous app and found it useless. You can get the Pilgrim Publications guide to the Via Podiensus (GR65) as an ebook. The app I found awesome for route finding in France is iPhiGenie. It has detailed maps of the whole of France plus all of the GR routes. You can see s...
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    Flying with poles in carryon.

    My experience is that the carbon fiber ones have never seem to cause an issue but metal poles are a no no. My carbon Z have flown around the world several times in my carry on and I have never even been asked about them. That said, I am always ready to check them in just in case and I have a...
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    Starting from Le Puy April 5. Is this advisable?

    We did Le Puy to Pamplona starting mid April 2017. It was FANTASTIC! Yes we had some snow falling on 5-6 days and one heavy blizzard in the Albrac. You just have to be sensible and stop for a day if need be. We generally had wonderful weather for walking, no worries about accommodation...
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    Portuguese Coastal - route ok?

    My two cents worth is be aware that it can be very hot and humid in June, then again it might be cool and dry. But if the former long days can really sap your strength and take the fun out of it. I would consider having a rest day in there somewhere which you might well be plannng given you are...
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    early April: Norte or Le Puy?

    Early April almost certainly means you will have some snow on the Le Puy route but this is nothing to be feared. It is our favorite Camino route by far. Beautiful villages full of history, very little road walking, no big cities with their endless suburbs and great people. The Norte goes...
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    How to get certificate

    timr’s Information is exactly how we got ours a few weeks ago and it is terribly terribly underwhelming. One minute you are embarked on a great adventure and then it is all over and no one cares, including the folks handing out testimoniums. We even had to write our own names on them. It...
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    Please tell me about your early march Camino Frances

    We generally found we could walk further between stops in the cooler weather and hence we were generally a bit faster and could certainly walk further in a day than in the hot super sweaty weather of summer. But I guess it depends on how you handle heat. However, the mud certainly slows you...
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    Please tell me about your early march Camino Frances

    We had snow so deep on the Pyrenees that the only way to walk was on the road between massive snow ploughed banks. Far too dangerous with the traffic so started Roncesvalles. Walked in the snow for two days then and had three days of snow later including a serious blizzard. It was GREAT! Not...

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