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    Packing List : T shirts : Merino wool or synthetic quick dry ?

    I would add. I love merino when need warmth. It can’t be beat
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    Packing List : T shirts : Merino wool or synthetic quick dry ?

    I am sold on Arctryx short or long sleeve. Dry fast. More so than merino and they also don’t hold a smell until a few days. Remember when it rains it is difficult to wash and dry every day. It’s fine.
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    Poles & Backpack - to check or not to check...

    I know, but for me this was easier with 3 transfers and a sightseeing layover. . But you are right for others this may be the best Option. Good point.
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    Poles & Backpack - to check or not to check...

    I would not check my pack. If poles get lost worst case is buy new ones..but a pack....I carry a cardboard tube case and if I don't make it through check my poles in that. Mine are small enough that poles and carrier fit in bag. If they get through I toss the carrier. I mail them home from...
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    Sevilla during Semana Santa - To Avoid or Not?

    It is a scene not to be believed..but it is incredibly crowded and rooms and dining out is complicated and crowded...
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    Where to stay the night before Santiago....?

    I stayed there on my first Camino and it was with probably 10 people I was close to along the Way, so it was great. It is sterile as Albergues go, but with the right people it was just right, especially for the first entry to Santiago and all day to enjoy.
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    Any up-to-date Olvidado info appreciated.

    So sorry to hear that but not surprised..I may have hit it at the right time before anyone considered it..but even then i had to skip the last few stages because of the no beds....keep it on your list though. Buen Camino
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    Trekking poles; Folding or telescoping?

    Yes, was not clear. My Leki poles fold in 3 pieces...very small and easily fit in a small pack.
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    Trekking poles; Folding or telescoping?

    I have used both kinds. I never thought I would like folding, but Leki makes a great set and I am a believer. I only break them down to pack inside the pack.
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    Any up-to-date Olvidado info appreciated.

    I walked it in July and beds were somewhat difficult in the late stages. If you are used to solid markings then you should adjust your expectations and be sure to download the offline GPS maps in the Olvidado camino app which is very good. You can go many, many Km without markings and at least...
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    Bedbug repellent sprays?

    Same here....never a problem with over 70 nights
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    Has anyone walked the Camino Lebaniego recently?

    I would only offer it is a beautiful Camino, but completed it a few years ago before COVID.
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    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD Mandatory travel form for Galicia

    I finished 3 weeks ago and did not, and know of no one who did..but doesn't mean you should not.
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    If you have/are walking this summer... Would you do it again, knowing the restrictions/challenges?

    Male, but GO!. It's not's inconvenient in some ways, but it is the Camino. You may have to reserve more than you would have otherwise (and it could cost a tad bit more) because of municipal restrictions on #s...but flexibility. I just completed the Olvidado connecting to the French Way...
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    Coping with heat on the Camino

    I start early in the day so as to be done by peak heat most days (I shoot for 2). Heat generally peaks 3-6. And lists of water. Even if you don’t feel thirsty. Because it is often dry you don’t notice the dehydration.

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