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A Practical Handbook for Pilgrims

A Practical Handbook for Pilgrims 2017-03-22

No permission to buy ($3.98)
People who have seen the movie 'The Way' about the Camino de Santiago often long to do a similar pilgrimage themselves. Many of those who do set out say it was one of the most memorable experiences of their lives. The Camino is within the capacity of most people if they plan adequately and take the right equipment.

The practical, no-nonsense advice in Robert Muirhead's handbook applies to the Camino and to any one of the many other pilgrimage routes criss-crossing Europe. It is based on the author's five pilgrimages over ten years covering over 4,000 kilometres, but the author also describes the best sources of help and advice on the internet, and points out some of the latest digital aids and apps.

The book will show you how to plan, how choose the right clothing, footwear and pack and how to train before you go. There is detailed advice on key topics such as navigation, choosing a guidebook and maps, how to find accommodation, health and safety. Tips for campers and cyclists as well as hikers are included. Older people are increasingly walking some of the long pilgrimage routes of Europe and the book has advice for them as well.

We all want to take great photos. This book will explain how to choose the best equipment (camera or phone) and how to apply the tips pros use to put the 'wow' factor into their photos.

If you are thinking about taking your children or your dog, read this book first. Disabled people go on pilgrimages and the book has some useful suggestions for them. Some people want to ride a horse on pilgrimage, or take a donkey. This book will explain how to go about it.

Apart from practical advice, Robert Muirhead also gives valuable insights into the contemplative and spiritual side of his pilgrimages that did much to make his long journeys so meaningful.
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