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Camino Guide App 2.0

Camino Guide App 2.0 2014-02-25

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Forget your Camino guidebook and opt for the Camino Guide application!
Lighter, with more information and more accurate than a guidebook, the Camino Guide will make your experience unique. You are part of it as you benefit from thousands of Points of Interests, always updated by fellow walkers and cyclists. Share your experience and your reviews along the way.
On top of that, you can directly call sponsored accommodations to check if there is a bed for you tonight  You can also book your luggage transfer from the app up to the day before. We even tell you how to skip a stage or get from/to anywhere along the way.

A Virtual Tourist Office in your pocket!

Our main objective is to help you personalising your Camino because nobody knows better than you what your desires are.
Entire Service: From the beginning to the end of the Camino.
Great offers: Our sponsor hotels and restaurants will give you great deals (check each to see what it is) and if they don’t have any, tell them to create some so that more people go there.
The Way: GPS tracks: French Way, Portuguese Way etc – Find nearest accommodation / bar / Restaurant.
Directions to your destinations
Luggage transfer : organise your own transfer trough your phone
Bike hire: you can book your bike hire and shipping on the app
Weather: 5 days weather forecast at current location + see what is coming ahead
Public Transports: How going from Sarria to Santiago? We’ll give you the answer you need.

Accommodations: Most of them are here and if you find a new one, simply add it for your fellow walkers and cyclists. Each is rated by other travellers so you know what to expect and which ones to prefer.
Food/Drinks: Where could we have lunch today? Is the restaurant opened? Is it expensive? What do the people think? No worries … ask the Camino guide.
Leisure: Tired of walking? Maybe be go on a visit an historical monument or go wine tasting etc.
Health: Doctors, Psisios etc for better health while you walk

All the info about the Camino : history, historical monuments, point of Interest
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