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Camino Primitivo to Santiago and then to Muxia & Finisterre Guide Feb-21-2018

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Posted February 21st 2018
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HI All -- I have updated this guide from online info and info in the Camino Primitivo Forum. I do not plan to update it again. I believe the Confraternity of St. James will soon be coming out with a new and up to date Camino Primitivo Guide. In the meantime, buen camino! As before, I cannot get the new version to upload. Here is link to it on the web: Camino Primitivo Guide 2-6-18. As always -- if you have trouble downloading this, email me at and I'll send it to you. Liz
Hi All -- I was having trouble getting the latest version of the Guide to upload. You can get the word or .pdf files from my blog Footloose & Tuition Free. Liz
Hi All -- Sorry about the repeated uploads. I am having trouble getting the most recent document to post! Hopefully this is it! Liz
This guide reflects comments from others and my notes from our June Primitivo.
Hi All,

We have finished our walk, returned to the US and I have updated my guide one more time to reflect reality!!! Hope you find it helpful. as before, I am posting the .pdf version here (not enough space for the word version). You can find the Word version and lots of info on my blog, Footloose & Tuition Free, or feel free to email me at and I'll send it to you.

BTW, the Primitivo was definitely hard, but absolutely incredible!

OK, this is IT. I don't think I will be revising this guide again before our June walk and I wanted to post before folks start walking the Camino Primitivo again in March. My plan is to revise it once more at the end of July when we return from our walk so it reflects reality (at least our reality!)

This last version has many changes. I've included alternate lodging (not just albergues) with phone and internet contact info, lots of info on history and on local food and drink.

NOTE on formatting. I created this document in Word, using the booklet printing features. You can go to my blog and download the word document. That way you can fiddle with it, add your own info, tweak the printing so it works for you, etc. It is set up to print as a folding booklet on 8.5 inch x 14 inch standard US legal paper (making a handy 5 inch x 7 inch booklet). Here is the link:

I have uploaded an adobe version here (the Word document is too large for upload to the forum) that is not in booklet form and that prints on 8.5 inch/ 11 inch standard US letter paper.

Buen Camino! And many, many thanks to the forum members who have shared their tips, recommendations and corrections with me.

Hi All, After I posted my most recent update on 1 November, I got a bunch of very good additional comments and corrections. So, I'm posting another update that incorporates that feedback. Thanks again to Laurie and also to Pelerin, Sulu, Isabelle and others. Right now I'm working on the historical info and info about local foods and other sights and information of interest along the walk. I hope you all find this helpful! And as before, keep the feedback coming. Thanks so much, Liz
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Hi Forum-ites,

I have continued to make revisions in the Guide and want to especially think the Primitivo walkers this fall who have given me detailed feedback especially Veronika_CZ and Kat.

As I have followed the posts in the Camino Primitivo Forum it has become clear that there can be some lodging bottlenecks on the Primitivo so I have added Pensions, Hotels and Casa Rurals to my listing of Albergues and then, for all lodging I have included phone numbers and websites/emails where available.

I want to stress that I have not personally walked the Primitivo yet (We will start on 8June 2015) and I started this guide so I could combine the available resources in one document to carry with me. So everything here is second hand!

Please let me know if you find mistakes or if I have omitted info that would be helpful!

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Hi All, I have added updates based on new forum posts. Plus I got some great new info from Jaunma, one of the hospitaleros at Albergue Ponte de Ferreira (between Lugo and Melida). Thanks! I wanted to get this info out for folks walking late summer & fall. Buen Camino. And if you use this guide -- please post coments and updates so I can continue improve it! Thanks, Liz

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