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Strangers on the Camino eBook

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A touching tale of a man and his son who walked this age old spiritual path. Along the way, not only do they come closer to understanding themselves, but also each other.
Strangers on the Camino is not just a travelogue or travel diary - but an extremely practical book for anyone who wants to understand, prepare and walk The Camino de Santiago.
The author also includes his observations about the region, the people, the history and culture of this part of Spain – and discusses his views on various topics ranging from the myth of Santiago to the relationship between fathers and sons, from the influence that seven hundred years of Arab rule had on modern Spain to the influence of religion in our lives.
The Camino after all is a journey very much like our journey along the very road of Life, where what we do along the journey is so much more important than the destination.
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Sanjiva Wijesinha
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A genuinely touching tale of the bond of a father and son, as well as a very pragmatic guide for anyone who is planning to do the Camino de Santiago. All this while taking the reader on a journey through the cultural, social and religious history of Spain. Well done!
A great father and son story of transformation, as individuals and in their relationship. Sanjiva's perspective as a non-christian is refreshing and sometimes controversial as they work their way toward Santiago and beyond. Good Job! Can't wait to read a followup book from his son's point-of-view.

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