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  1. Mark McCarthy

    English Notes for the Camino from Lourdes to Sain-Jean-Pied-de-Port 1

    A suggested itinerary for anyone wishing to start the Camino Frances/Voie du Piemont in Lourdes. I have split the first two days in to three days to help ease your start. Starting from the grotto in Lourdes is a great way to start your Camino. There is currently no guidebook for this stretch and...
  2. Mark McCarthy

    English Notes for the Camino from Lourdes to Sain-Jean-Pied-de-Port

    Mark McCarthy submitted a new resource: English Notes for the Camino from Lourdes to Sain-Jean-Pied-de-Port - A suggested itinerary for anyone wishing to start the CF in Lourdes Read more about this resource...
  3. Mark McCarthy

    Corona Virus Discussion Thread (continued)

    No, it is still current advice. Though obviously we will need to stay tuned for advice or direction from the Spanish government.
  4. Mark McCarthy

    Corona Virus Discussion Thread (continued)

    Current WHO advice on travel www.youtube.com/watch?v=0KBvReECRrI
  5. Mark McCarthy

    Kat Davis - pilgrim and author. Died 28 February 2020.

    Enternal rest give unto her.
  6. Mark McCarthy

    Sarria to Santiago de Compostella

    Are you planning to stay in private rooms or albergues? Please message me if you want a list of accommodation that I like. Either way for this section I would strongly recommend booking in advance.
  7. Mark McCarthy

    Sarria to Santiago de Compostella

    For a six day split I would suggest: Sarria to Portomarin 21.6 km Portomarin to Lestedo 19.2 km Lestedo to Melide 18.8 km Melide to Arzúa...
  8. Mark McCarthy

    Starling Bank account or Revolut Pre-loaded Card?

    We use a Fair-FX card which does charge a transaction charge but the better exchange rate generally compensates. When in Spain many banks now charge their own transaction fee so it is worth looking out for either Iber Caja or Abianca ATMs.
  9. Mark McCarthy

    Audio description for the film The Way

    Does anyone know if any of the Camino films like The Way or Six Ways to Santiago have an audio description feature for visually impaired viewers?
  10. Mark McCarthy

    Backpack Type!

    People have been succesfully doing the Camino for centuries, so its definitely not a deal breaker. Having said that, you can't beat an Osprey for comfort. Given that you will be spending a substantial sum to get to Europe, personally I would always invest in good footwear and a comfortable pack.
  11. Mark McCarthy

    Travelling from Manchester, England to SJPDP - advice?

    Manchester or Liverpool to Bordeaux, bus from airport to the train station at St Jean in Bordeaux, (you will probably have to overnight in Bordeaux), then train Bordeaux to Bayonne and then train from Bayonne to SJPP.
  12. Mark McCarthy

    leading a camino group

    I have been leading groups for the last couple of years. I normally provide a list of accommodation. I normally book the albergues for the group (as most albergues do not require a deposit). For those who want to stay in private rooms I provide contacts and links so that people can book their...
  13. Mark McCarthy

    Train and bus schedule.

    There is an Empresa Freire bus which leaves Santiago bus station at 12:45 on Monday and arrives in Lugo bus station at 14:45. The next Monbus then from Lugo to Sarria leaves Lugo at 15:20 and arrives in Sarria at 15:50.
  14. Mark McCarthy

    Train and bus schedule.

    There is a bus at 18:45 which gets into Lugo at 20:30 amd they you have a quick change at Lugo stop to take the 20:35 Monbus to Sarria. It is a small bus station and the bus generally arrives in early so a 5 minute switch over should be OK. The Monbus arrives in Sarria at 21:05. It is about a...
  15. Mark McCarthy

    Train and bus schedule.

    This video is worth a watch: The cost is about €10 for the bus to Lugo and bout €5 from Lugo to Sarria. If you let me know what date and time you arrive, I am happy to check the timetable for you.
  16. Mark McCarthy

    Best way to get to Sarria from London Ontario

    There are direct trains from both Madrid and Barcelona to Sarria but the train from Barcelona is a long journey.
  17. Mark McCarthy

    León to Santiago January 2020

    It was very wet and very muddy in December. Waterproof boots and gaitors are recommended. Have a wonderful trip. Buen Camino!
  18. Mark McCarthy

    Recommended accommodation in Palas de Rei?

    Both Castro and Zendoira are excellent. If you are self catering the kitchen at Zendoira is very good. If you are not self-catering then I would stick with Castro as it is on the Camino (Zendoira is a 0.5km detour). If you want private lodgings, then A Parada das Bestas is meant to be amazing...
  19. Mark McCarthy

    First Pilgrim of 2021.... Sara?!?!?!

    Hi Sara, looks like you would have to stay close by and come in early and get your credential from the Cathedral. The pilgrims' office states "The Pilgrim’s Reception Office is open during these hours every day of the year with the EXCEPTION of Christmas Day – 25th December, and New Year’s Day –...
  20. Mark McCarthy

    How much should your donation be ?

    I would suggest €10 for a bed, €11 for an evening meal and €3.50 for a breakfast is about average now. So maybe the donativo default should be about €25 a night? Any thoughts?

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