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  1. Kerry C

    Help for Portugues Newbie

    For bag transport we used Tui Trans all the way. It was excellent.
  2. Kerry C

    Women: Advice on trail runners/shoes

    I have hiked the Portugués Camino & the Camino Frances with Oboz trailrunners and superfeet inserts. Both times my shoes were a success, No blisters or feet troubles. I also carefully choose my socks & used two sock layers unless my feet got too hot at the end of the day. This shoe worked...
  3. Kerry C

    They are out to get me

    We just walked that route today. It isn’t as well marked, so be careful to spot the arrows. There are plenty of pilgrims, so you can navigate that way. We didn’t find it unsafe but you do have to pay attention to the cars. The risky sections had warning signs for drivers.
  4. Kerry C

    Hot Dog! I'm off tomorrow!

    Buen Caminó! We start tomorrow May 3 from Porto.
  5. Kerry C

    Setting out on Camino Portugués route.

    Thanks Andrew, for your encouraging advise. We figure to allow 2 weeks knowing Its a ten day hike which gives us two midpoint rest days, and a free day in Porto before we start, as well as a free day in Santiago. We are concerned about hiking the longer stages as we aren’t so young anymore...
  6. Kerry C

    Setting out on Camino Portugués route.

    We will begin this Camino in Porto on May 3. It’s our second Camino, as we did the Camino Frances a few years ago. We plan to start out coastal but go in at Arcos. I’m thinking it will take as about two weeks including days of rest.
  7. Kerry C

    Day pack essentials (luggage sent ahead every morning)

    I carried some walking sandals hooked to my day bag in addition to those other items because a change of shoes gave my feet a break.
  8. Kerry C

    We will be hiking the Camino Portugues beginning around May 1 in Porto. We will begin with the...

    We will be hiking the Camino Portugues beginning around May 1 in Porto. We will begin with the coastal route, but switch when possible to the Camino Central.
  9. Kerry C

    What did you forget?

    We flew into Barcelona and took the bus to Burgos to complete our Camino last spring. On arriving, I reached into my document bag for the small wallet that held my bank card, credit card and health card only to find it missing! A compartment was unzipped so I was alarmed I could have been pick...
  10. Kerry C


    I hiked the Camino in two parts, first part was with waterproof boots by Keen. The next spring I switched to water resistant trail runners by Oboz because the Keen boots gave me blisters, and my feet were often damp with sweat because waterproof means they don't breathe. The Oboz trail runners...
  11. Kerry C

    What's your average pace?

    We are not backpackers either! But we found we were comfortable walking 4 km per hour. We usually walked about 6 hours per day, and 20 km. We stopped often for rest, drinks and socializing. The whole trip took us 5 1/2 weeks. We cherish the time when we took the time to enjoy the way. My...
  12. Kerry C

    Best way to zoom forward after a forced stop?

    We took two visits to finish our Camino. Good places to stop early on in Spain: Burgos took us two weeks to get to in 2015 with rest time in Pamplona. Burgos was a great starting point his year. If you are too injured, stop in Pamplona. Last year, I had multiple blisters because I didn't...
  13. Kerry C

    bumps in my(pre Camino) road but staying positive :)

    I finished my Camino on May 17, walking with planter faciitus. I made sure to do my stretching routines everyday, wore my insoles and approved shoes, kept my load light, and walked a shorter day. It worked fine! It even improved as I walked.
  14. Kerry C

    Camino Facil or Jacotrans

    We started using Jacotrans a week ago and it has been reliable. We like to be more unscheduled so we just call everyday to tell them where to pick up and where to drop off. We use Skype to call with wifi. It does mean we have to plan a day ahead and phone to reserve a room first. I needed...
  15. Kerry C


    I bought Bitly compression sleeves via amazon to wear over my socks because I also have planter faciitis. It's working well for me so far. I've hiked for two weeks this way and my feet are staying healthy.
  16. Kerry C


  17. Kerry C


    I'm hiking now in Ininji wool toe socks with a compression sleeve over and have had zero blisters after two weeks. I also coat my feet daily with arnica gel and vasolina. Last year when I hiked I had too many blisters, but that was late May and June. I also had a better experiance with cool...
  18. Kerry C


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