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  1. Left Coaster

    Fall Camino - wishful thinking?

    Hey SimplyB; Love your logic. Do you have a source for the math on the peak? I'm in Canada and haven't seen any speculation on that point. That may be deliberate so that we don't let our guard down prematurely but being a stats guy I have a keen interest in such things.
  2. Left Coaster

    a 'training walk' on Good Friday

    Your photos are as charming as anything you will see in Spain. Falcon is right, always attend to those hot spots ASAP. The only blister I suffered started about 5km from my destination. Poor logic took over and I decided to tough it out. Really unnecessary discomfort. I also believe the...
  3. Left Coaster

    Primitivo - May - reducing backpack weight

    I did the Primitivo in mid May of 2017. My 5c sleeping bag (850 gram) was a bit much but there were nights when I really appreciated it. Next time I will use shoes rather than boots. I think the weight difference will be noticeable. Someone once told me that a pound on your feet is like 5 on...
  4. Left Coaster

    transferring an empty duffel bag from St. Jean to Santiago

    As for sending the duffel forward to Santiago, I have done this twice. Prepare a mailing envelope before leaving home so that you are not fussing with that chore when you are supposed to enjoying the sites, sounds and taste of your Camino. Send it via Correos to Ivar. His details are on this...
  5. Left Coaster

    Smart Packing and Unexpected Backpack Items

    I did the CF in 2014 and was amazed at how squeaky the doors were. Very disturbing during sleep time. In 2017 I took a small canister of penetrating oil (WD40). Breaks all the weight rules (100 grams) but it was nice to solve an annoyance for everyone.
  6. Left Coaster

    suggestions please

    Thanks, day by day I am getting attached to Le Puy to SJPdP.
  7. Left Coaster

    suggestions please

    I am considering the Le Puy to SJPdP route next year, probably in June. Can anyone offer an opinion on how this route compares in difficulty to the Primitive? I have done the CF in 2014 and CP in 2017. Thanks.
  8. Left Coaster

    Walking Le Puy route in May 2019

    I too am planning/hoping to do another Camino in 2019. Le Puy has caught my eye and I am interested in your opinion of the degree of difficulty of the Le Puy route vs Primitivo, ie. daily elevations and stage distances. I did the CF in 2014 and the Primitive in 2017 and am comfortable doing...
  9. Left Coaster

    Hoping to walk again.....

    Ithrnck55; Might not work on a T shirt but it's pure poetry.
  10. Left Coaster

    Primitivo Day 5 - May 17, 2017

    Left Oviedo on Saturday the 13th. My advice is to wait until 8am to leave as before that no bars or cafe's are open. Keep your wits about as the Camino signage is spotty. Owing to being at the wrong place at the wrong time, I started out with some really poor food opportunities. That ended...
  11. Left Coaster

    Brief post Primitivo thoughts

    Thanks, a very useful overview. I will be leaving Oviedo on May 13th and hope I will be as successful as you. Beginning to taper my training walks and have assembled my gear. I did the CF 3 years ago but, as others have said, each Camino is a new adventure. Buen Camino.
  12. Left Coaster

    Starting Camino Primitivo May 13, 2017 from Oviedo.

    Starting Camino Primitivo May 13, 2017 from Oviedo.
  13. Left Coaster

    Any ideas for accommodation in Madrid

    There are 4 trains per day to Oviedo, the earliest being around 11:00am.
  14. Left Coaster

    Any ideas for accommodation in Madrid

    Try the Renfe web site. There are a number of agents or resellers that provide ticketing service on the Renfe system. I haven't booked yet but the train goes from Charmatin station and sounds like about the same price as your air ticket. It takes about 4 1/2 hours. I honestly didn't think...
  15. Left Coaster

    Any ideas for accommodation in Madrid

    Hola; I am flying to Madrid from Vancouver arriving on May 11 and need overnight accommodation. On the 12th I will take a train to Oviedo to commence Camino Primitivo. I have never been to Madrid before and really have only a few hours there. Any Hostal/Hotel recommendations within easy...
  16. Left Coaster

    Shipping Backpack home

    After my Camino Primitivo in May I will be travelling for a couple of weeks with my wife. To make that part of the trip easier I would like to ship my backpack home to Canada. Does anyone have any advice/experience in doing this?
  17. Left Coaster

    Water carried -- how much is enough?

    Water, one of my favourite topics! I fell into a routine that worked for me while walking the CF in May. The fundamental rule is that hydration shouldn't happen just when we are walking; consider your whole day and try to consume water regularly. As my marathon coach said, if you wait until...
  18. Left Coaster

    Fed Up...

    Hey Richard; Your post caused me to get out my Camino diary. I did the Frances May of 2014 and also took a rest day in Pamplona. I was pumped like a teenager for the first few days but realized how alone I was at about 2 in the afternoon. Now it wasn't really that bad as I was having beer and...
  19. Left Coaster

    Comment by 'Left Coaster' in media 'Camino del Norte'

    The People are the interest in this photo. Outstanding!
  20. Left Coaster

    Hostel light vs Hostile light

    Olive oil certainly, but the Wd40 is so much faster an effective.

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