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  1. Travel Diva

    When is the Big Mass in Santiago?

    We are in Pedrouzo, and wont be arriving in Santiago until noon tomorrow the earliest. When is the big mass with the pilgrims and Botafumeiro? Do you go to the mass first or get your Compostela? How long does it take to get the compostela? - are there big lines? I am so excited and so close...
  2. Travel Diva

    Walking from Santiago to Muxia to Finisterre

    Hello, I don't see any maps from Santiago to Muxia, I see mostly from Santiago to Finisterre. Is there a detail map to go from Santiago to Muxia, then Finisterre from Muxia. thanks very much.
  3. Travel Diva

    How busy is Santiago on closer to July 25 or that weekend?

    Since St. James festival July 25 was cancelled last year due to the train tragedy, how busy will it be this year? Does it get busy few days before it or just the weekend - looks like I will be getting closer to Santiago according to my schedule - I just want to avoid Santiago since there will...
  4. Travel Diva

    Pilgrims passport, credential in Astroga?

    I am starting from Astroga, can you get a pilgrims passport/credential in Astroga? What IDs do you need to your passport for the Camino? thanks.
  5. Travel Diva

    How busy is July?

    I am starting from Astroga July 6 and walking to Muxia - how busy will it be? I walked from SJPP to Logrono last July and it was empty since it was so hot. I walked from Logrono to Molinaseca last September, it was busy and it was also warm. Any suggestions for this leg of the trip from...
  6. Travel Diva

    Santiago to Finisterre or Muxia - want to do both, which one first and last?

    After Santiago we want to keep walking to the both Finisterre and Muxia, but don't know which one to do first and to do last. How much are each distance and how easy/hard is the path? Are they well marked? Are there lot of travelers? Which one would you do first and last, and why? I hear...
  7. Travel Diva

    Visiting Castillo de los Templarios in Ponferrada

    Is this castle open during the day - We will be staying at Molinaseca the night before and if we walk to Ponferrada will it be open? Not everyday you get a chance to see a magnificent 12th century Templar Castle in tact and what are our chances to see it? I found generally things are closed...
  8. Travel Diva

    Train or Bus from Santiago to Astroga

    I am finishing my Camino this year as I left off last year in Molinaseca - but I am willing to back track couple of days since I want my friend to see Astroga and walk couple of days to get my legs back before getting ready for O'Cebreiro. http://www.renfe.com/EN/viajeros/index.html The train...
  9. Travel Diva

    Is there a bus from Ponferrda to Leon everyday?

    Its odd but I am finishing my camino at Molineseca and want to take a bus from Leon. Someone told me thta I need to get to Ponferrda by foot or taxi its 5 km them take a bus to Leon. Does anyone know how frequent that is? I want to book a train ticket from Leon to Bilbao since I am flying the...
  10. Travel Diva

    How much does it cost to make a phone call?

    I plan to get a prepaid card once I get to Logrono, how much does it cost to make a call for minute in Spain? Along the Camino as it wont be long distance across the country, I might call ahead to private Albergues to make a reservation call. Is there a better time to get a hold of people to...
  11. Travel Diva

    Charging electronics

    The first part of the Camino (SJPP to Logrono) we used a English travel company and they moved our bags and we stayed in hotels. This leg of the Camino I am going to walk from Logrono to Leon carrying my own stuff and staying at Alburges. I have some electronics, my old iphone and camera...
  12. Travel Diva

    Transport Service

    I've hurt my foot and its sensitive but don't want to cancel my trip as I am heading out today for the Camino. I heard there are transport services for backs from hotels and Albergues - has anyone used one? Do they need to be called everyday, how much do they cost? I might use it for the Meseta...
  13. Travel Diva

    Buying a Spanish SIM Card

    I like to use a phone for emergency - does anyone know that I could buy a Spanish SIM card and use it pay as you go to charge it up? I am a diabetic and just want a phone for emergencies. Will there be a phone shop in Logrono, Rioja as I am starting from there Sept 3. I have a German Vodafone...

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