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  1. Davybhoy

    Paris to bayonne

    We travelled by train to sjpdp from paris Montparnasse on august 1 2019. Train left at 747am and arrived at bayonne at 1152 . We then changed platforms and caught the 1159 to sjpdp. I was worried about the 7 minute changeover after a 4 hour train but in fact the first train arrived at bayonne...
  2. Davybhoy

    Starting in Lisbon

    I am planning to start from Lisbon in August and will be traveling alone. You are correct that there is limited info, particularly if , like me, you plan on going via Fatima. I have found a couple of sites with helpful information https://www.caminho.com.pt/mapas_e.html...
  3. Davybhoy

    CPAP Machines and Albergues

    Just to add my tuppence ha'penny worth... I walked the CF last August and used my CPAP every night except two nights where I had somehow lost a part of it (the nasal pillow). I had no complaints ever from anyone about using it. I found everyone most understanding about it when I had to use...
  4. Davybhoy

    Post a picture of your credential!

    Here is one of mine which i bought at Hijas de la Caridad in rabe de la calzadas
  5. Davybhoy

    Types of Compostelas and other certificates

    Hi i have two questions relating to Compostelas or certificates...... I am planning to walk the Portuguese route from Lisbon in August, via Fatima. Is there a Compostela or certificate available for walking to Fatima specifically, or is it included on the Portuguese Compostela? Secondly, when...
  6. Davybhoy

    Leaving Fatima

    Thanks Jill. That thread is a valuable source of info for me. I'm now comfortable with both options (ie to go via Tomar or directly through Ansiao. As always it may be that time becomes the deciding factor! Appreciate your help very much!
  7. Davybhoy

    Leaving Fatima

    Thanks Peregrina2000! I'll consider this option seriously. It wasn't sitting well with me that I was missing Tomar, though to go there from Fatima effectively adds an extra day to my pilgrimage
  8. Davybhoy

    Planning my 2020 Portuguese Camino

    Planning my 2020 Portuguese Camino
  9. Davybhoy

    Leaving Fatima

    Hi all I am planning to walk from Lisbon to Santiago in August/September this year and hoping to walk via Fatima. Through various websites, including this one and https://www.caminho.com.pt , I have established that I should veer towards Fatima after Santarem and rejoin the Portuguese Camino...
  10. Davybhoy

    Any wild life safety concerns on the French Way??

    Can't believe no one has mentioned the caterpillar forest outside Zubiri (or Larrasoana?), nor the copious amounts of fieldmice particularly in Fromista. We also saw a deer and a dead snake, but the annoying wildlife were the pockets of flies that hung around for kilometres on end...
  11. Davybhoy

    Long Walks (more than 10 km) between Albergues

    The Frances is the only Camino I have done and i recall all those legs/sections listed above. It is a useful list because it helps one prepare in terms of when to stop (ie before a long stretch) and when to stock up on water and snacks. I ran out of water about an hour out of Religios on a 30C...
  12. Davybhoy

    Pilgrims Office of SJPP

    HI Monasp Are we able to buy a shell (with string?) from the Pilgrims office in SJPDP? We start our Camino next week (Aug 3!) Thanks Davybhoy
  13. Davybhoy

    Albergue opening times?

    You are quite probably right, Trecile! We have been training - to a point - that is, walking in gradually increasing distances on weekends, but no training can really prepare us for 25km every day! I realise our best laid plans will probably change as reality bites, but we have tried to build in...
  14. Davybhoy

    Albergue opening times?

    I suspect this question has (a) probably been asked before and (b) could probably be answered with the words "every albergue is different" however I will ask anyway....... My wife and I are starting the French Camino - our first Camino - on August 2, less than a fortnight away now! Our plan is...
  15. Davybhoy

    Something to be aware of..

    Albergue....Albergue....I'm coming to get YOU
  16. Davybhoy

    FREE copy of 'Ego Trip' - a book about the Camino Francés

    Thank you Paul for your kindness! I am in Australia and was unable to download from the UK site, and was redirected to the US site where I downloaded it without issue. Had to install the kindle app too, in order to read it but, as that was free, it was no issue either. I shall read it on my...
  17. Davybhoy

    Paris to SJPdP

    Arriving in Paris in the evening is certainly a challenge logistically. We arrive at CDG from Melbourne (Australia) at 19:20 on July 31. I looked at overnight trains (3-4 changes it seems) and tbh did not really consider a bus. We decided to get a hotel near Montparnasse, get a decent nights...
  18. Davybhoy

    Camino Skies film.

    Well that is disappointing!!! My wife (Aussie) and I (Kiwi) are flying out from Melbourne on July 30th to do Camino Frances. I hope there is somewhere where we can see the film when we get back in mid-September! The trailer looks fantastic!!!
  19. Davybhoy

    From one first-timer to another

    Cormac, this is quite easily the best post I have seen on this forum. My wife & I 54 & 56 are embarking on our Camino at the start of August traveling from Melbourne Australia. Your words are a great help - I have suddenly realised I won't need 5 shirts & 3 pairs of shorts!
  20. Davybhoy

    Roads v Paths

    This is exactly the type of reply I was looking for, @t2andreo !! Thank you for taking the time - It is indeed very helpful! Davybhoy

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