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    Hi I am planning to walk in easter Almeria to granada or granada to cordoba.. Which is more recommended?
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    Hi I may spend a day in oviedo and lugo.. What to see in these places?
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    I need recommendation for a place in LUGO

    HI I need recommendation for a place in LUGO, maybe i will stay a day to know the city
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    finisterre or muxia

    hi from santiago which way to go : finisterre or muxia or both and where to sleep? stages from santiago? go to muxia first and than to finisterre or the opposite? by foot thank you
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    camino primitivo in middle september?

    hi is it possible and nice to walk camino primitivo in middle to end september?
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    best part for about 5 days

    hi what is best part about 5 days in via francigena? lucca to sienna?
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    a week in begining of april

    hi can you please recommend on a 5-6 days walking at begining of april...good weather...easy by start/end public transportation..beautiful views/old viilliges/places and fine flower bloomimg. p/s it doesnt matted which part as i did some parts before thank you
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    recommended accomodation

    i need please recommended accommodation from le puy forward... thank you
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    sleeping bag or sheet?

    sleeping bag or sleeping liner?
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    hi what are the differences between camino via francigena and camino assisi and camino st. francis? which is nicest part? thank you ofer
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    cele variente

    hi what is the cele variente? at the end of may is it o.k to do it? thank you ofer
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    Conques to cahors or cahors to lectour

    hi i have about 8-9 days which is nicer (nature,historic beautiful placeds) qonque to cahor or cahor to lectour?or maybe burgus to leon? which is easier to have public transportation at the begining and at the end? is it o.k to walk at the end of may ? thank you
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    sjpdp stay for a night or continue to orisson

    sjpdp stay for a night or continue to orisson if i land at biarritz airport at 0830 ?
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    from cdg to orly airport

    hi what is the fastest and cheapest way to go from cdg to orly airport? thank you
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    los arcos to madrid or barcelona

    hi from los arcos are there more frequent buses/trains to madrid or barcelona?
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    recommended place to stay in Pamplona

    hi i need please recommendations on place to stay in Pamplona. is it better a place with dinner or eat at restaurant? thank you
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    finish maybe at logrono

    HI What is the simplest way to go from Logorno to Madrid airport?
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    recommended sleeping place in sjpdp?

    recommended sleeping place in sjpdp?
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    SJPP via mountain

    now I heard their is one meter of snow in mountain pass from sjpdp... Do you think it will be o.k and open at about 20 April?
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    7 days fro sjpdp?to which place can I reach?

    and go by public transportation to big city..flight... Thank you

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