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  1. zrexer

    Lisbon to Porto -October 2020

    I see we have had a couple of threads on this that have been shut down with the discussion moving off track, so let's stay on topic with this one! My wife and I are examining the possibility of walking from Lisbon to Porto in late September, early October this year. We have already done Porto...
  2. zrexer

    Del Norte - October 1st start from Irun

    My wife and I have booked airfare to Madrid for late September. Our first day of walking from Irun will be October 1st. We plan to walk as far as Oviedo. Time constraints prevent us from completing the entire route this year. This will be our seventh Camino.
  3. zrexer

    Favorite 2019 Camino Francés Photos

    Post up your favorite 2019 Camino Frances photos.
  4. zrexer

    2018 Low light Photos from your Camino

    Early morning or late day low light photos. Post up your best.
  5. zrexer

    12 days on the Camino Primitivo - Sept. 13 to 25th

    I have been back almost a week since walking the Primitivo with my wife. We started in Oviedo on Sept. 13th and arrived in Santiago on Sept. 25th. We enjoyed perfect fall weather. Not a drop of rain and the trails while slightly wet in a few areas had dried out greatly as compared to what I had...
  6. zrexer

    Graffiti...but with a message

    While it would be better if pilgrims could refrain from defacing things with graffiti, you do come across messages that are some times interesting.
  7. zrexer

    Favorite Sunrise or sunset photos from your Camino

    Post up your favorite sunrise or sunset shots. This shot is west of Sarria.
  8. zrexer

    Your single favorite picture of your Camino

    Tough to single out one picture that defined your Camino, but for me it is this shot as we left Cruz de Fero and were on our way to Acebo and ultimately to Ponferrada at the end of the that day of walking.
  9. zrexer

    Favorite Pictures of Animals on your Camino

    Post pictures of either your favorite or most memorable encounters with either domestic or animals in the wild on any Camino route.
  10. zrexer

    Low Light Photos from 2017

    Earlier this year I started a similar thread for members to post the most memorable pictures taken either early in the morning or late in afternoon/evening. Open to all routes traveled in 2017. I'll start with one from my Portuguese walk from Porto this past April.
  11. zrexer

    Central Route From Porto, First Walking Day April 7th

    Well that happy day has finally arrived where I set off for Porto tomorrow and my first day of walking will be Friday April 7th. My wife and I are taking the traditional cental route as per the Brierley guide. So far the long range weather looks pretty good for early April. After reaching...
  12. zrexer

    Minimum Distance to qualify for the Compostela

    About a year ago I read that their was some discussion that there was talk about increasing the minimum walking distance to qualify for a Compostela from 100 to 300 kilometers. I have not seen anything further to this in quite some time. Is this still a possibility? Anyone with any new info on...
  13. zrexer

    Significance of stone circle (menhirs) near Atapuerca

    I have been trying to determine the significance of a group of 6 stone menhirs located between Ages and Atapuerca. There is a single stone menhir very close to Attapuerca which I gather marks the spot of the Battle of Atapuerca in 1054, but I can't seem to find any reference to the stone circle...
  14. zrexer

    Manjarin - Tomas

    Just out of curiosity, does anyone know for sure if Tomas is still at his albergue in Manjarin? I have seen some threads that suggest his health has been failing. Is he currently there, or is the his unique albergue being run by others now.
  15. zrexer

    Type of Tree

    This may seem like a stupid question, but what type of tree is shown in this picture? They are everywhere in public courtyards on the Camino. Obviously heavily pruned each year. This picture is from April, 2015 in Burgos.
  16. zrexer

    Favorite 'low light' photos from your Camino

    Fellow pilgrims, post your favorite photos taken either early in the morning or late in the day. Some of my most memorable pictures were taken either before or during sunrise on our Camino's. I have many, but would like to other members most memorable low light photos. The one below was the...
  17. zrexer

    Festival in Melide on April 23, 2016

    I was going through my journal from our Camino in April 2016 and when we stopped in Melide on Saturday April 23rd there was a large festival going on all day and into the wee hours. I missed identifying what the festival was in honour of and now I am curious. Anyone know for sure? Thought it...
  18. zrexer

    Walking Partner Camino Madrid - Fall 2017

    My wife advised she will sit this one out as we are already doing the Portuguese route in April 2017. So I am looking at a potential start date anywhere from mid September 2017 to mid October 2017. From what I have read so far, pilgrims are often few and far between on this route. From past...
  19. zrexer

    Has anyone walked the Madrid route?

    Looking for ideas for a future Camino. I was looking at the Madrid route that terminates in Sahagun on the Camino Frances route. Madrid is easy to get to and I find some appeal in that I could start in Madrid versus having to bus or take a train to an alternate starting point. My plan would...
  20. zrexer

    Second Compostela

    Picture of me holding my second Compostela this past April. The first was obtained in April of 2014. I paid 3 Euro ' s for the second detailed certificate that showed where we had traveled from and our total distance. I am holding that they wrote in the details of this year's walk. Just wanted...

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