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  1. The Kolbist

    Evolution of the Albergue Paradigm

    Hi Alwyn, my objection was not about the camping. I have camped all over the US that I could care to remember. My sleep had been disturbed by bears twice in the past but I still love camping. Putting a chain of campgrounds that might not be close to the town will put a dent on the already...
  2. The Kolbist

    Evolution of the Albergue Paradigm

    Perfectly said. It goes back to what makes Camino different from PCT and AT. Camino is a pilgrimage. The journey is the destination and the destination is the journey. Camino has been the life-blood economically for the small towns along the different routes. Aside from from everything that has...
  3. The Kolbist

    One day at a time, one photo at a time...

    An oasis for a wary soul.. #HontanasChurch #Biblesindifferentlanguages
  4. The Kolbist

    Partial "Portugal Portion Only"Camino possible?

    however remote, it would be nice to walk the Valenca to Fatima and be on Fatima on Oct 13 - feast day of our Lady of Fatima.. wishful thinking? We'll see
  5. The Kolbist

    From Geneva to the End of the World.....

    Dave, you look like St James :)
  6. The Kolbist

    From Geneva to the End of the World.....

    Hi Dave, Im a Eucharistic Minister of the Catholic Church, one of the questions we ask during the distribution of the holy communion if we are in doubt if the person is Catholic is if he had his first communion. If he says no, we have to politely give him a blessing rather communion. There is...
  7. The Kolbist

    Fuenterroble hostel is hosting a baker's dozen of pilgrims who got stuck on VDLP

    And they are able to attend mass regularly. I really miss the holy mass.
  8. The Kolbist

    Will camino routes in France open first before the camino routes in Spain (i.e. Camino Piemont/Piamonte)?

    I think the Spanish government has already given a directive that technically put Spain closed to tourism until the end of 2020. Flattening the curve for a long time might take a toll not only on Spain but the whole world. It boils down to vaccines, some estimates puts one whole year for vaccine...
  9. The Kolbist

    Will camino routes in France open first before the camino routes in Spain (i.e. Camino Piemont/Piamonte)?

    Hypothetically and this is just my opinion, it might take at least a year or maybe 2 before Spain in general will be open for tourists including pilgrims. Will France be able to open the albergues before Spain does? I'm thinking as an alternative to our planned summer Del Norte Camino to do the...
  10. The Kolbist

    Anyone in Spain now have a guess on the planned opening of businesses again?

    Imo, normalcy will not be back until a vaccine has been distributed well into the general populace. The testing phase may take a year and then another year to mass produce and then it is distributed. So it might take another 2 years, before a sign of normalcy could be observed. However, i dont...
  11. The Kolbist

    While you're not doing anything else ... help identify this church!

    i believe it is the Iglesia de Santa Maria de Ferreros. I actually have a video with the cemetery beside it but i have to find it thats also why i was able to identify it right away. https://goo.gl/maps/PWQaogvLvjsZvY6i8
  12. The Kolbist

    Wave of pilgrims when lock down is over?

    Ditto. we got tickets for late May Camino del Norte but we'll wait until it's clear to do it but we're still hoping and praying that we can do it this year. Reason is we believe that in times like this all the more that we need to do a pilgrimage. Of course, we wont do it when it's still burning...
  13. The Kolbist

    Your Favorite Easter Movies

    "The Passion" by Mel Gibson
  14. The Kolbist

    Camino de Jamestown

    so what is the earliest? because St Augustine was settled 42 or 43 years earlier than Jamestown https://www.npr.org/2015/02/28/389682893/not-so-fast-jamestown-st-augustine-was-here-first
  15. The Kolbist

    Camino de Jamestown

    cool... but is it not the first Catholic settlers of North America is in St. Augustine, FL? :)
  16. The Kolbist

    I am still walking my Camino

    we're still praying and prepping for a del norte Camino this summer. So we walk in state parks and other parks carrying the exact backpack that we're gonna be carrying. So the spirit lives on... Ultreia!
  17. The Kolbist

    Santo Domingo de la Calzada - plenary indulgence for next 7 years

    For Catholics.. https://www.catholic.com/encyclopedia/indulgences
  18. The Kolbist

    Tips for couple of youngters doing the camino Frances in March/April

    We met a Dutch kid in 2017 who walked with another young lady who has a pet donkey. They would actually politely ask private land owners if they could camp in their properties with their donkey. Sometimes they would stay in donativos albergues where we met him. We would chip-in a little bit more...
  19. The Kolbist

    Walking the Camino Frances multiple times - why?

    simply put - because we love the camino. this might sound very cheesy but when asked why do I love my wife, I dont have a response. If I say it's her eyes or her nose or the way she walks then it's just a part of it. Even the answer - I love everything about her would not probably be enough. The...

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