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  1. Lurch

    COVID COVID-19 — It is time to postpone your camino.

    True, but I am 75 this year. Walked from BurgosI In 11/18 and hoped to do rest this year. Just have to wait another year, I guess. Take my Geritol I guess...
  2. Lurch

    COVID 2020 Camino a "To be" or "Not to be"? - and "Why?"

    A YES for me. I walked, with friends, from Burgos to Santiago de C in 2018. Unfortunately, I manages to injure my back and had to take a taxi several days after sartia. I now want to do it right in September this year. Would like to do more but turned 75this year so have to be conservative...
  3. Lurch

    Camino with PTSD

    Greetings my brothers in blue! 23 years n L.A....my moment came in 2 parts. First at the church in Hontonas. All of received a small cross with our pilgrim’s Blessing and I could feel the concerns and tension slough off. Then weeks later in Tricastela, there was a Korean priest blessing his...
  4. Lurch

    Move away from the toxic caterpillars!

    Tent caterpillars in the US look the same, and the spines are also trouble. There are a fair amount of poisonous “pillars” in the world.
  5. Lurch

    Dangerous dog

    I had no problems with dogs, only cattle that tried to squash me against a rock wall. That said, however, you might want to stack the aggressive Dog with your poles, rather than whack it over the head. If it continues, you will be in a better position to fend it off, in a timely manner.
  6. Lurch

    Camino with PTSD

    I have PTSD to the point that the V.A. Gave me a service dog 7years ago. Yet, I managed to complete the Camino from Burgos last year. What you have to do is gut it out and power through the PTSD! I spent much of my life I. Risky situations, and if I can learn to handle it. Get psychological...
  7. Lurch

    To the person who wanted to inspire love . . . you didn't!

    Agreed...but I doubt giving publicity on this forum will make him happy. Probably doesn’t know we even exist!
  8. Lurch

    LIVE from the Camino Bed Bugs in Albergue!! 22.8.19

    I do believe that if I had been bitten as many times as the OP had and had her response, that I would have been a lot stronger in my words. Try walking a bit in HER boots.
  9. Lurch

    Looking for the Cheapest budget, tips

    My only suggestion would be to not wait till it is dark to pick your campsite, lest you blunder into the meadow of used toilet paper.
  10. Lurch

    Etiquette for shared paths

    Is this kinda what we are talking about?
  11. Lurch

    Live - Camino Francés Someone died from the car accident today

    I sincerely hope she received a fast pass to whatever awaits us past death, and her friend recovers to walk again on the Camino. IIRC, I took a bus from downtown Leon to the Chapel of our Lady on the edge os town. From what I saw it both saved time and we passed through an extensive industrial...
  12. Lurch

    A plea!

    I had brought some ‘doggy bags’ along in case I had a problem. Somewhere on the meseta I noticed a woman heading towards the Camino, leaving behind some TP. I gallantly offered one of my doggy bags, but she did not seem to appreciate it. Maybe because it was red in color with pictures of...
  13. Lurch

    Mosquitos on Camino Frances in Sept/Oct?

    Walked from Burgos last Sept/Oct. No skeeters, one case of bedbugs is all.
  14. Lurch

    What makes you walk

    For me it’s the camaraderie and friendship of the Camino. Everyone heading the same way for the same purpose, to go westward.
  15. Lurch

    Some things a little over the top.

    No ukulele, but in October we had the singing sisters from Argentina!
  16. Lurch

    5 things most pilgrims don't do on the Camino (but should)

    I think number 5 should be “cervesa trio”.
  17. Lurch

    New thievery model on the Camino....be aware!

    Carried an Ipad with me last year. Left my cell with my wife stateside and needed internet access. Used as a camera also. It resided in my sleeping bag at night, along with wallet and other valuables. But, I traveled with friends and part of the time spent in private rooms.
  18. Lurch

    Cathedral Closed...Is the Camino still worth it?

    Sure the Santiago Cathedral is important, but the most religious experience I had was in the church in Hontonas (?). Wouldn’t trade it for any of the Camino’s cathedrals.
  19. Lurch

    Rucksack size

    I second the IKEA bag. Inside was my Bergman’s of Norway 46l pack, a pocket knife and and a pair of poles. Next year the pack will be a bit smaller, but still use the same IKEA bag. Also good for covering my pack to keep the chinches out.
  20. Lurch

    Rucksack Weight (Not too serious)

    Guaranteed you will lose weight, unless you take the bus. Keeping it off is another topic.

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