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  1. Stephen

    There's a sand dune on one of the stages of the Camino do faros.

    It's quite a climb, one step upwards half a pace slipping back in the fine sand. Anyone know how high it is? When you come down from the dune you join a road and can see the lighthouse at Cabo Vilan in the distance.
  2. Stephen

    New peril on the Pisuerga River?

    Don't be taking the opportunity to cool your feet in this river until this mystery is cleared up. Witnesses, including a police officer, have reported sightings of a crocodile .
  3. Stephen

    Why has my post about a Spanish peregrina I met on the way to Muxia been taken down?

    What, if anything, was wrong with it?
  4. Stephen

    I'm still walking a bit of the Muxia Camino

    I'm staying in a house in Muxia which is about 2km from the Camino. I walk those 2km and then about 1km on the Camino for my daily exercise. I haven't seen another walker for weeks.
  5. Stephen

    Pamplona to Santiago tomorrow by train.

    Does anyone know what time does the early train to Santiago from Pamplona leave?
  6. Stephen

    Ferrino raincoat.

    I've a Ferrino raincoat that I've carried in my pack more often than worn on various Caminos. Back home I wore in in a thunderstorm and ended up absolutely soaked. The seams are stitched and, I guess, would probably be glued first. Could this adhesive have perished and be letting the rain in...
  7. Stephen

    A prayer for a Camino friend.

    A lady from Canada, who I met on the Frances three years ago, has just walked with me from Le Puy to Cahors. Towards the end of our walk she said she wasn't feeling very well and we got trains to Bayonne so she could fly from Bairritz to visit family in England. I've just heard this morning that...
  8. Stephen

    Travelling from Barcelona to Le Puy in late August.

    A flight to Barcelona from Belfast would avoid the hassle of travelling through London. How best to get from there to Le Puy?
  9. Stephen

    August on Le Puy?

    A friend has mentioned Le Puy starting in August or September. What would temperatures be like in those months? And what's the best guide book for this route?
  10. Stephen

    What are the times buses leave Pamplona for St Jean?

    I've been 3 nights in a Pamplona hotel, coughing up dark phlegm with a headache and feeling bad. I've decided to go home. Anyone know the times of buses from here to St Jean?
  11. Stephen

    Where in Pamplona could I print a bus ticket?

    I bought a ticket on-line, Pamplona to SJpdP, which needs to be printed out. Any idea where I can do this?
  12. Stephen

    Pamplona during San Fermin

    Is the albergue in Trinidad de Arre open during the festival?
  13. Stephen

    Rogue taxi driver in Santiago.

    I've just finished walking with two companions who had limited time. When we reached Leon we decided to take the train to Santiago and booked accommodation there. We took a taxi from the station but the driver, despite having seen the address we wanted on a phone, left us miles from where we...
  14. Stephen

    San Sebastian to Biarritz today.

    A Canadian friend arrives in San Sebastian around 1 o'clock today. Whats the best way to get from there to Bairritz?
  15. Stephen

    Too many poor pilgrims?

    I saw this posted on a Camino related Facebook page. I'd thought we pilgrims did contribute to the local economy. https://elpais.com/elpais/2017/08/15/inenglish/1502782144_363119.html
  16. Stephen

    My flight arrives in Biarritz just before 5 PM.

    What time is the last train/bus tomorrow to SJPDP? I'm thinking I'll need to book a room in Bayonne and travel to SJPDP on Thursday morning.
  17. Stephen

    November weather on VdlP.

    I know the further north a pilgrim gets the more chance there would be to encounter cold and rain. What would the weather be like on the southern part at this time?
  18. Stephen

    Monument on Route Napoleon

    There's a monument on the Route Napoleon, at about the 14km point, which reminded me of a 19th Century grave. It has a stone base and iron railings. Does anyone know why it was placed there?
  19. Stephen

    Anyone know if there's a shop in Cacabelos where I could buy a walking pole?

    The machine that connects your card to the hotel's bank took so long I eventually paid with cash. I hoisted my pack onto my back and went up to my room. It was only when I got there that I realised I'd forgotten my Lexi walking pole. When I got back down to reception it was gone.
  20. Stephen

    Leon footbridge closed today.

    The footbridge which takes you across the busy motorway after the traffic roundabout as you approach Leon was closed today. There's a well signposted alternative which takes you up a hill until you come to a building with two telecommunication masts. You turn left and follow the trail downhill...

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