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    LIVE from the Camino Burgos

    I didn’t like black pudding but in Burgos it tastes really good. I had some with eggs this morning and was reminiscing of how great it tasted when I arrived in Burgos.
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    LIVE from the Camino Burgos

    Was thinking of the great food at cerveceria Morito in Burgos where I had black pudding and egg with eels
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    Pilgrimage in England: Winchester to Canterbury

    We went to evensong in Canterbury cathedral on Wednesday. We had to wear masks. There was recorded singing and live organ music. There is scaffolding up but is was still a good experience it was at 5.30pm. You enter the cathedral near the Wetherspoon in Burgate.
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    Pilgrimage in England: Winchester to Canterbury

    I definitely advise spend some time in Aylesford. There is a premier inn Maidstone (sandling) which is close to the route. It may be worth considering as somewhere to stop for the night.
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    Pilgrimage in England: Winchester to Canterbury

    We were in Aylesford today we did see one pilgrim with his shell. The cafe was open but pilgrim hall closed. It was not possible to stay there. It was wonderful to walk around the friars, I think Doug recommended it.
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    COVID Booking.com cancellations

    Why don’t you take the voucher? You could offer it to another pilgrim if you don’t want to stay there yourself.
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    My old Camino shoes have been stolen.....

    Have you checked outside your house as I once had a break in and found my less valuable belongs scattered in a nearby field. Also if you let us know size and make we can all look out for them on eBay. I agree it is now a time for short walks which is good to break in new boots.
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    A taste of Spain in the uk

    I am missing Spain and was pleased to find Spanish food today in Lidl. The offer was last week but if you are lucky may be able to enjoy some galacian cheese also chorizo and calamares. Well it cheered me up at this strange lockdown time
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    Pilgrimage the road to Istanbul

    I think it’s better as the pilgrims all seem to be lovely not like in the first series
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    Pilgrimage the road to Istanbul

    The second of this series is on bbc on tv tomorrow at 9pm. It is good to have something to look forward to in these difficult times.
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    Home Alone - New Generation (i.e.Self Isolation) ideas

    If you can get bbc2 you can watch the new pilgrimage program on now
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    COVID Booking.com cancellations

    Yes my dad has already paid with booking.com he contacted the hotel they have let him move his booking to another date. It can be moved again if needed. I certainly would advise asking if they will help they might ask you to contact booking.com
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    Yummy Recipes for Self-Isolation

    No eggs here today in our local supermarkets in uk. I am about to make Caldo verde but am putting chorizo in mine. Great idea to cook comfort food whilst isolating
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    Anyone have a favourite British Pilgrimage?

    Have you looked on British pilgrimage.com? That may be helpful It is so difficult to know what to do, as we are unfit to travel abroad we had planned a British pilgrimage, now it looks as we may just be in the back garden. Lorna we do appreciate all hard working nhs staff I thank you in advance.
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    What to make for a pilgrim

    A small bag would be a useful thing to have
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    Ingles weather in May - something resembling a real question

    We walked the ingles last june and it rained on and off. I advise you buy or borrow an Altus poncho then you don’t need to worry as you will be dry
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    My Altus poncho is fantastic I bought it from this forum. It is perfect for Galician rain and good in the uk also. I wore it today as we still have stormy weather here.
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    Dealing with sensitive skin on the CDS

    A brand of soap called simple soap is very good because of allergies we use this for body hands and clothes washing. You can cut a bar in half or smaller to save on weight. The liquid version has additives such as linolool so try the bar of simple soap.
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    I just fold up my fleece and use that. Ikea has small cheap pillows that you may wish to try

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