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    Lightweight sleeping bag October - November 2020

    September and October camino, 35 days, always in an alburge. Ohuhu not currently available. Was $30.
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    September camino!!

    In the past, September was the busy Senior Citizen season. We all waited till the kids were in school to avoid the rush and created our own rush. Likely different this year due to Covid19.
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    Easiest 100km (for someone with health problems limiting high-intensity exercise)

    September can be crowded with all the senior citizens avoiding the summer rush.
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    Incognito Celebrities on the Camino

    Didn't know that some of the places we had our pilgrim's menu have a separate area for none pilgrims, white table cloths, full menu, etc.
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    Incognito Celebrities on the Camino

    Not a celebrity but walked with a m Sept of 2018 walked with a member of Spain's Guardia who was walking incognito. Because of my background I thought something was different and he owned up. One afternoon while having a snack he called up his buddies and they joined us. They were able to show...
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    Back pack for Male or Female

    Make sure to visit more than one sporting good store. No one store carries all brands. My experience with packs, shoes, etc is that the smaller stores carry brands that are time tested by the store. Small stores can't afford returns or unhappy customers so they tend to carry what works.
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    New find: light weight 800 fill down sleep sack/blanket

    I'm assuming you're staying indoors and not camping out. My Camino was Sept/Oct. My bag as more than warm enough 99 percent of the time. There were always blankets available and I would grab one just in case but really didn't need it.
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    New find: light weight 800 fill down sleep sack/blanket

    SJPDP to Santiago, 35 days, this bag served me well and was going to use it this year, Lisbon to Santiago. But COVID has delayed my plans. All I needed for evenings in alburges. $30 on line.
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    Bedbugs - What is your blood type?

    I'm A+ also. Three small red spots above my ankle. Didn't even know I had them until during a someone mentioned that they bit in threes and on the lower leg. Lo and behold three red spots. No big deal. Perhaps bedbugs or something else from walking off trail to go potty.
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    Hotels, even high end are no guarantee to be bed bug free.
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    My elaborate process when arriving home was leaving my bag outside and entering the house in my scivies. Not a big deal. To me it just seems like an over reaction.
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    They're just bugs. Funny how big a deal it's made. Forty five days on the Camino it was of so little concern to me and fellow walkers. Most bites were on women on their lower legs. I wonder if not bedbugs but insect bites from going out to the brush to go potty..
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    Images from Brierley Camino Frances Handbook.

    I feel you pain. I lost my guidebook, two years ago, somewhere between my last night in the alburgue and the airport home to the USA. I wrote my notes, contact info for folks I had met, etc, in that book. My email address was prominently on the cover but never a word.
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    New, well done video about the Camino Frances

    Sorry found this video and the other, Looking for Infinity, as depressing. Too much dwelling in personal depressing motivation, almost no joy in the experience. Both best watched with the sound off, except for the fact of too much time with face close ups and not enough scenery.
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    Which size rucksack?

    I'm a 66 year old, 190 pound, 6 ft. I used a 40l and it was too big. Determine what you need and get smaller.
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    Is the Osprey Atmos/Aura 50 AG the best Camino backpack ever?

    5€ X 35 days equals €175. 5€ to have your pack sent forward for 35 days. That's a lot cheaper than doctor visits, MRI, physical therapy, etc, to prove you have the correct pack and the stamina to carry it.
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    Footwear advice

    Try something different. Find a shoe that is half the price but fits well. Stay out of REI. For me $60 Hitec works for me because they fit. No problems SJPDP to Santiago except for stitching starting to separate on arrival to Santiago. Shoe glue at home fixed. I've purchased a new pair but...
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    Today's New Mexico Camino

    Be careful the la Llorona will get you!
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    Monkey Butt. . . Prevention, Care, and Treatment

    Any baby diaper rash ointment will work. Balmex is our family's go to ointment on the way home from the beach. Sand gets EVERWHERE if you follow my drift.

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