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  1. BrienC

    Route Report for Anyone Walking Camino Del Norte

    Hello peregrinos/as,
 During October 2019, I walked the Camino Del Norte, starting in Irún. Then I wrote about the adventure. Excerpt: “The bells not far above our room rang and rang—before six. They rang and they rang. Big bells with deep tones to wake the body, small, high-pitched bells to...
  2. BrienC

    What time of year do people do their planning?

    I'm assuming that Spring is the high season for most non-Spanish pilgrims. But my question is when do these people do their planning, what time of year, how early or late leading up to their Camino? Thanks Much,
  3. BrienC

    Via de la Plata Route Report - Completed

    During the fall months of October and November 2016, I hit the trail for thirty-three days of walking the Via de la Plata. Daily accounts of that journey to find history, peace and new friends are now available on this forum at the link below, or on my blog...
  4. BrienC

    Not Exactly Live - VDLP, Fall 2016

    Earlier this fall, I walked the Vía de la Plata with the Camino Sanabrés variant. In this thread, I'll add my daily commentary as I compile my notes from that journey. They will also be available on my blog. Hence, this is a route report, though, Not Exactly Live. Seville, Spain (October 17...
  5. BrienC

    Labels - A Question a Camino Standards

    I recently completed the Via de la Plata and Camino Sanabres. During that trek, I kept notes that I planned to include in my travel blog and share on this forum on my return home. I'm working on that now and concerned over how to appropriately label the daily pages of the eventual route report...
  6. BrienC

    VDLP or Sanabres?

    I have a while yet to decide, but wondering what people think about the choices. I plan to trek Seville to Santiago later this year. Should I finish up on the CF from Astorga or take the Camino Sanabres into Santiago? I completed the CF last year but was moving so fast that I didn't stop to see...
  7. BrienC

    Favorite Luxury Item on Camino?

    Mine is an electric toothbrush. Bear with me a second: I would never haul this item up a big mountain because it does weigh a bit more. But, I’m used to an electric toothbrush at home and carry a cheap, light one on any Camino or longer sojourns. The one I use is really light at just over an...
  8. BrienC

    Suffer the Wrath?

    Rather than highjack an active thread, Highway of horror, I open this new thread and ask a question: What is your favorite Camino book? Following my Camino, last summer, I read Hape Kerkeling’s, I’m Off Again, and enjoyed it. During my Camino, I read The Pilgrimage by Paulo Coelho. Enjoyed it...
  9. BrienC

    Camino Book New book out: "Su Camino..." by Brien Crothers

    I’ve just published my new book "SU CAMINO… 20 Days – 785 Kilometers – Camino de Santiago; A Whimsical Mix of Pilgrim Resources and Camino Musings" "Su Camino…" is now available in eBook (kindle) format on Amazon. Any and all feedback encouraged and most graciously appreciated!!! This...
  10. BrienC

    Camino Days

    Over the last couple months, I’ve been posting to this forum, portions of my poetic portrayal of a pilgrim’s day on the Camino, from my perspective, as I walked 40 kilometers per day on the Camino Francés during the hot summer month of July. Below, I’ve included the rendering in its entirety...
  11. BrienC

    Camino Days - Last Piece

    Slumber: Satiated. Clean and refreshed, thrilled by a shower, cool, warm, or hot. Reflecting on the marvels of the day. Looking towards the wonders of tomorrow. De-packing, repacking, always the packing. Read a little; headlamp lighting the page or eBook page lighting the head. Who will snore...
  12. BrienC

    Camino Days - Part 8

    The perfect albergue: A siren calls. There must be room at the inn. She is adorable, or she is plump, or she wears white linen—a uniform perhaps—but she beckons, calling us to her albergue. Is this perfection? Yes, always—in some small or some grand way—always. Washing, always the washing, happy...
  13. BrienC

    Any good training schedules?

    Does anyone know of a good Camino training plan on this forum? I mean physical training. Not finding anything. Thanks in advance, BrienC
  14. BrienC

    Camino Days - Part 7

    (In keeping with my summer camino theme) And we’re—moving on: On goes the Camino, snaking through countryside, pueblo and city. Past grand cathedral and red corn poppies. Oh, the red corn poppies. The heat of the day presents itself before we are aware. Now we sweat (or perspire) and our pace...
  15. BrienC

    Camino Days - Part 6

    Bocadillo: Lunch is found where it is found, occurs when hungry, trail side, in a bar or in a restaurant. Where hunger and possession meet, we eat the bocadillo. Hunger and possession. This midday meal is often had in one of the many villages or towns at one of the many restaurants or bars along...
  16. BrienC

    Camino Days - Part 5

    Avoidance: To avoid the heat of the day, the pilgrim covers just as many kilometers as possible in the cool morning air. The pace quick in these early hours, stopping only for a picture or two and then for lunch, our bocadillo. How many k shall we walk today? Depende (It depends).
  17. BrienC

    Camino Days - Part 4

    Vistas: The morning hours prove delightful—once the senses have awoken. As the sun slowly rises a church steeple casts a shadow over its congregation and the vast countryside brightens before us. This time of day provides great lighting for those pictures we take back home, on camera or in our...
  18. BrienC

    A Question of Horses

    So, walking pilgrims are peregrinos, cycling pilgrims are bicigrinos, but what are those pilgrims riding horses called?
  19. BrienC

    Camino Days - Part 3

    Café con leche: Without caffeine, senses still dull from the early hour and the many kilometers behind, legs heavy, the pilgrim finds the Camino markings of yellow arrows and scallop shells in the early light and seeks out breakfast, but more importantly, café con leche. And too, maybe, a...
  20. BrienC

    Camino Days - Part 2

    Rising: The day begins, senses dull from the previous day’s exertion, perhaps an hour before good light. Eyes held closed as long as possible as other walkers of the Camino are heard nearby, rustling through bags, dressing, finding a lost whatever. Each morning starts the same. This fight to put...

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