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    help with camino kml,kmz,gpx tracking.

    Sorry, I haven't had time to read the comments above but I'd like to just say: DON'T RELY ON GOOGLE MAPS! I've made that mistake before :( Google Maps only works with internet access, and if you don't save it on the map that adds stars or "want to go" or a label, it will be lost if your phone...
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    Post a picture of your credential!

    Where did you get the Croatian one? That is "pleter" in the background :)
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    Kat Davis - pilgrim and author. Died 28 February 2020.

    I don't know if it appropriate, or where I can post this. I hope Howard thinks about publishing Kat's blog as a book. It would be a beautiful thing to read between our own caminos.
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    Sleeping in a dorm room where there's someone with a CPAP

    On my first camino I slept on the top bunk while an older gentleman with what I suppose could have been a CPAP machine was below. It was some kind of a noisy breathing apparatus and I didn't mind at all.
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    Kat Davis - pilgrim and author. Died 28 February 2020.

    Heartbreaking news. I've followed Kat's writing for a while now and downloaded and saved every newsletter. Always hoped I might meet her walking the camino someday. My condolences to her family.
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    Best Sellers in Portable Cell Phone Power Banks

    I have a 20000 mAh powerbank. I like to be ready in case I won't have an option to get to a plug in the evening and I don't have to think about having enough battery to share with others. I charge my phone and gps watch with it. It's pretty big/heavy but I don't mind it. Recently I've been...
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    If You have Walked the Camino - Do you prefer boots or trail runners?

    I would love to see if there are different preferences for different caminos. I wore trail runners on the Portuguese in October. They were waterproof. I wouldn't wear them again and go for a lighter variation instead. On the Primitivo in April I had Salomon (low) hiking shoes. They were...
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    Fun Santiago bar

    We went to Pub Albaroque on my first camino. It was closed on the second camino. Depends what day you arrive. Very crowded, good for dancing, bad for talking. There was another place very close to it (diagonally across, at the corner) that had less people and you can sit and chat (or dance)...
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    Unsettling death on Camino del Norte

    I was there in april but had no idea what it was! Thank you!
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    Animals we meet on camino

    Out of thousands of animals I meet and take photos of, this is the only one that left a lasting memory... and almost bit two of my fingers off.
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    Albergue in Borres

    I stayed there on April 8th. First checked-in at the bar. Hopped through puddles in the rain on my way to the albergue. There were only 5 of us and everyone was great and relaxed. We went back to the bar together for dinner. The food was great and the lady who works there very pleasant and...
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    Finisterre Xunta Albergue closed

    I've been looking for this information but couldn't find anything. Albergue was still closed on April 17th. We got our certificate at Plaza Constitución, looking at Google Maps, it might have been Tourist information center at Rúa Carrumeiro 10.
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    Albergue San Juan de Villepanada

    I've witnessed this same process but as a positive! The rules are there for a reason and Domingo is sometimes the first hospitalero a lot of new pilgrims encounter. That and the language barrier can seem as a very angry and unhospitable person, but he is very nice, I promise! My experience...
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    A huge thank you

    Hi Tom! I just got back home and I'm writing this sitting on the floor, with my dog in my lap. Thank you for your hospitality and kindness. Please say hello to your wife. I hope to stay in your albergue someday again.
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    A huge thank you

    I lost my credentials, and would have been ok with not getting the compostela because I met and finished with an awesome camino family. I managed to get the compostela because I kept walking with the same people from the start and that was great. After going to Finisterra and back to Santiago...
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    bus from Muxia to Santiago

    Does anyone know if the bus from Muxia goes on April 19th? I think I saw somewhere there are no buses from Fisterra and Muxia on April 18th and 19th but can't find that information anymore.
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    The Danger of using Permethrin to prevent Bed Bugs.

    Maybe if they are there at the time of spraying. After, they just walk over it. People have been bitten 24 hours after the rooms were treated. The longest the worst room had without complaints was a week.
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    The Danger of using Permethrin to prevent Bed Bugs.

    I worked in a hostel and have seen how spraying with permethrin works... If the walls aren't dripping while spraying and if everything isn't covered, the bugs just scurry into any holes they can find. I've been told they hide in the installations. The rooms were treated, the bugs come back, the...
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    WiFi or data

    I was told to switch from 4G to 3G because 4G can get additional charges, don't know why.



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