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  1. Zordmot

    Reflecting on my Camino

    I walked the CF in 2019. It was the fulfillment of a dream. Like many pilgrims, I was in the midst of a major transition in my life. There were losses to mourn, new opportunities to explore, changes to accept, and several profound “shifts of consciousness” to integrate into my 63 year old self...
  2. Zordmot

    Newspaper article today in Santiago: More than 200 Pilgr

    The Pilgrim's Office will recover face-to-face attention from Wednesday, July 1, and it will do so with a strict protocol to avoid the safety distance between walkers and workers, and will avoid contacts that can detract from guarantees to the city. Although the office of the Carretas road has...
  3. Zordmot

    Newspaper article in Galicia: 200 Pilgrims Complete Camino during Shutdown

  4. Zordmot

    COVID El País: Jacobean Council recommendations for post-Covid Hygiene for Peregrinos

  5. Zordmot

    Preparing physically to walk the Camino

    I’d like to share how I’ve prepared for both Caminos and plan on repeating it for a third. It wasn’t intentional—I stumbled onto it but discovered that it was brilliant and thought that I would share it here. Oaxaca, Mexico. Famous on all the cooking and travel shows for great culture and...
  6. Zordmot

    COVID When the Camino once again has Pilgrims Part II...

    Thanks everyone for the great contributions to my original question. Your thoughtful input has changed, informed, and molded my thinking. Through the process I’ve decided it best to let go of any idea of walking in 2020. Like everything about this virus crisis it’s been an unfolding path of...
  7. Zordmot

    COVID When the Camino again has Pilgrims...

    I’ll say upfront that I’m not trying to rush things and I’m not minimizing the present moment with so much suffering, death, grief, financial insecurity, fear, and anxiety. Both in Spain and in many of our home countries( I’m from the US). I also know that no one can predict when pilgrims will...
  8. Zordmot

    One Albergue that you’d recommend

    Hello everyone, Has this happened to you: You’re walking a complete day, you don’t have a reservation which is ok, you arrive in the town and are faced with an array of albergues, you’re grateful there are options-sometimes you’re lucky to just get a bed but not tonight, so you pick one, spend...
  9. Zordmot

    Albergue Volunteer Opportunities

    Buen día friends, I wonder if there is some central place that maintains a list of opportunities to serve as a volunteer in some of the non-municipal, non-profit albergues? I have a few places that I’m thinking about but thought I’d check. Also, if you’ve had some extraordinary experiences in...
  10. Zordmot

    For Sale Free--Kuhl Stealth Renegade Convertible Zip-off Khaki Pants 32x32

    Free to a future pilgrim! I bought these pants before walking the Camino, wore them twice and then lost a bunch of weight so they no longer fit. They are LIKE NEW, Purchased from REI for $100, Will give to someone preparing to walk the Camino! I'll ask for some help with postage. $10 should...
  11. Zordmot

    Store a suitcase in Bilbao?

    On a serendipitous note, after walking the CF I have some extra days and have decided to walk a part of the Camino del Norte. I need to leave a bag in Bilbao for that time. Any suggestions for a hotel, a person, establishment, or other source that could do that for me? Thanks in advance
  12. Zordmot

    Anyone presently on CF but not yet to Triacastela?

    I'm asking a favor if someone on the Camino Frances is willing. It's a bit of a shot in the dark but my experience on the Camino is to ask and usually an angel appears. I lost my iPhone on the Camino somewhere between O Cebreiro and Triacastela last week. I checked the spot where I think I...
  13. Zordmot

    Lost iphone 6

    I lost my iPhone 6 last week on the Camino Frances. White front, silver back. Lost between O Cebreiro and Tricastela. Would LOVE to be reunited! Thanks.
  14. Zordmot

    Bedbugs on CF

    I’ve never ever experienced them before now but wondering if anyone else has been affected this week on the first 2-3 stops ?
  15. Zordmot

    Best Mobile Phone SIM card and plan in Europe?

    I just found out that my AT&T calling plan in the US can’t be extended to Europe. So I’ll need to get a SIM card when I’m there for a plan that is pre-paid and not a regular recurring billing account. Any recommendations of what you’ve experienced along these lines? Thanks!
  16. Zordmot

    Drink tap water between Burgos and Leon?

    Don’t know if this topic has already been beat to death but here goes. When I walked CF this Spring there were several peregrinos and even an albergue volunteer who said that it was well-known that some of the tap water in towns between Burgos and Leon is contaminated. This came up when a very...
  17. Zordmot

    Any Resolutions for repeat Pilgrims?

    I’m getting ready to walk the Camino Frances for the second time. My first attempt was aborted in León due to health issues. I’ve written a handful of “resolutions” for this Camino. I wonder if anyone else has done this? If so, would you share yours?
  18. Zordmot

    I probably won’t do this again

    As I lay here in my 7th albergue awake at 2 am after walking 27 km yesterday, each night has been the same: the room is dominated not by snorers but by people with sleep apnea- a severe medical untreated medical condition. The asleep person 4 ft away from me is in a marathon struggle for...
  19. Zordmot

    On the Camino need to ship some items ahead

    I realize that this question has been asked and answered a zillion times but all the links seem to be broken. I’m in Pamplona and need to lighten my load of about 5-10 kg. What are my best options to send it to upcoming cities or Santiago? Many thanks!!!
  20. Zordmot

    Trying to use this website

    I was wondering if others have the problems I have with this site. I have a fairlyt new computer and I have no problems on any other site but this one is almost impossible to use. It is very unstable. Scrolling up and down is very frustrating, things are jumping all over the place, its very...