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  1. Orafo

    WiFi on the Salvador and Primitivo?

    I am leaving on September 20 for the Ruta del Salvador and the Camino Primitivo. Can anyone with recent experience on either of these routes tell me how often one finds wi-fi? Do some albergues provide it, or must on rely on cafes, etc.? Thanks!
  2. Orafo

    SIM cards for sale in Barajas airport?

    I would like to get a SIM card to insert in my iPhone when I land in Madrid, before boarding a bus. Does anyone know whether there are kiosks or other places to buy them in the terminals, and what companies sell them there? Thanks.
  3. Orafo

    Sources of footwear

    I walked the Camino Francés this fall and experienced some blisters on one of my feet during the first week. I was surprised and disappointed, since I hike a fair amount in the mountains where I live and never get blisters. My feet differ somewhat in size, and I think the left shoe (on the...
  4. Orafo

    Drain stopper?

    I have a universal drain stopper made of rubber that I normally take while traveling, but it weighs a few ounces, and I am trying to cut out all unnecessary weight before I leave on Sunday. Is such a stopper necessary, or will I be assured of finding sinks with them built in? Thanks for all...
  5. Orafo

    Shoe treatment?

    Does anyone pack wax or other waterproofing or restoration treatment for one's hiking shoes? Or for that matter, a small brush to get rid of dried mud? I want to take care of my footwear, but I'm concerned about unnecessary weight.
  6. Orafo

    Sleeping sack and sleeping bag?

    I am concerned about pack weight -- today I loaded it, and it topped the scales at almost 22 lbs., without water. Too much, and I leave in a little over two weeks. So here's the question: I will leave SJPP on Sept. 25 and walk through October into the first few days of November. During that...
  7. Orafo

    Where to buy a SIM card?

    Can anyone recommend a handy place to buy a SIM card in Spain (for my European cell phone), either in the Madrid airport or perhaps in Pamplona or elsewhere? I understand the sale of them is more controlled than, say, in France and some other countries. And are there various capacities to...
  8. Orafo

    GPS accuracy?

    I recall that some have posted suggestions for various apps that work with the iPhone or other teléfonos inteligentes, so I thought I would share the results of an experiment I did yesterday while on a training hike for the Camino. I hiked a mountainous section of a trail here in Western North...
  9. Orafo

    Traveling from Madrid to St. Jean

    I plan to leave the US on 22 September and arrive in Madrid the morning of the 23d. I would welcome feedback on the following plan for getting from Barajas airport to St. Jean Pied-de-Port: I arrive on Delta at 08:35, Terminal 1; I claim my baggage (just trekking poles and a small knife, since...
  10. Orafo

    Bus from Pamplona to St. Jean?

    I realize this has likely been covered before, but bus company timetables and routes change over time, so . . . Does anyone know whether there will still be bus service from Pamplona to St. Jean in late September? I arrive in Madrid on Sept. 22, will take the train or bus to Pamplona, and...