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  1. elzi

    Arriving in Coruna at midnight...? Early start Ferrol?

    Hi all, I'm really rusty at this, not been on a camino for approx 5 years eek! So I have a spare week and I'm thinking of walking the Ingles. Unfortunately the only flight I can get lands about midnight at Coruna. I'm happy enough to get the first train/bus in the morning to Ferrol and start...
  2. elzi

    Burgos Credential - Early Morning!

    Hello Fellow Pilgrims! Despite all my best intentions of quitting and managing an incredible three years without a camino! I appear to be in possession of a one way ticket to Spain leaving Wednesday. How this happened I have no clue... Am taking the overnight coach from Santiago to Burgos...
  3. elzi

    Wild Camping Ups and Downs

    So I've just returned from doing a two week Pamplona to Burgos stretch (hee makes it sounds like prison!) in which we were mostly wild camping. Having read the previous thread on camping on the camino with interest I thought I'd add my observations... Firstly, it was surprisingly easy. We...
  4. elzi

    left luggage in burgos?

    just quickly does anyone know where i can leave my backpack for the day in burgos? ta!
  5. elzi

    New Albergue etc in Santa Domingo

    Sorry if this has been mentioned before. We walked through Santa Domingo de Calzada yesterday and they have really done it up since last year. They seem to be having some sort of anniversary, there are new information boards everywhere, everything is very nice looking and most crucially they...
  6. elzi

    Camino in August!?

    Ok, so I've recently agreed to accompany a friend to do a bit of Camino Frances leaving around 20th of August. I'm short on both time and money so I'm thinking to maybe do just a section from Pamplona, if I'm lucky I may get to Burgos? Thing is I've never walked in August before, all my other...
  7. elzi

    Cheap place to stay in Pamplona?

    Hi, Can anyone recommend somewhere to stay in Pamplona for a first night? Assuming that the train gets in at 8.30pm I'm guessing that'll be too late to get into the pilgrim hostels (which now that I think about it I've never managed to find!) also I'm guessing the place that gives out the...
  8. elzi

    albergue opening times in irun?

    hi, it looks like if i get a train from santiago to irun then the train gets into irun at 8.30pm in the evening! does anyone know what the opening times of the albergue in irun are or if this gives me enough time to get off the train, find the albergue(!) and get a bed? cheers :D
  9. elzi

    The Sun went down at 10pm

    Just in case you are around fisterra and are wondering.... the sun went down at about 10pm last night so that´s the time to walk up to Faro for! :D
  10. elzi

    Post Office hours and art shop?

    Hi, Can anyone tell if if the post office in Santiago is open on saturdays? and possibly what kind of times (fri-sat?) also i really need to buy some watercolour painting paper, does anyone know of an art shop, maybe walking distance from the centre? Thanks for any help! :D
  11. elzi

    stopping for a week 60km from santiago?

    hi, i just wanted to ask, we´ve had to stop as my boyfriend has a very sore and swollen leg so we´ve stopped in pontevedra and taken a few days off up in fisterra. thing is i was thinking i would like to go back and finish off the last 3 days to santiago after my bloke has gone home. Only i was...
  12. elzi

    Notes as we head into Spain (Porto-Valenca)

    Currently just the portugese side of the border, here are a few helpful notes for you guys... Taking the Metro from Porto: Everyone who did this that we met including us got very, very lost looking for the main route. If you plan to do this take a very good street map of how to get back to the...
  13. elzi

    May-June 2008 Photos

    Hi, Well it's a year later and I've finally sorted out my camino photos from Pamplona-Finisterre! I think my mum mentioned my blog on here a bit last year so some of you might remember! You can check the photos out here: http://www.suzielda.com/camino/photos.php Apologies for the spelling...
  14. elzi

    Albergue Reviews from May-June 2008

    Hi, I've finally sorted out my camino pages from last year and I've added an albergue reviews page from notes I wrote in my journal. Obviously it dates from last year, and I'm a bit hazy on the names of some of them but it might be handy for somebody? :D You can read the reviews here...
  15. elzi

    Somewhere to stay and start in Irun?

    Hello, Can anyone tell me where the albergue is in Irun (is it anywhere near the train station she asks hopefully?) also where would be a good place to pick up the camino and er, start walking? Am having a complete crisis now as my friend has pulled out and she was the one who very vaguely...
  16. elzi

    Irun-Bilbao what's wrong with it? :S

    Hi, My friend is currently on the Portugues route and has met someone (possibly a hospitalera from the frances) who told her to skip the Irun to Bilbao section of the Norte. Apparently it is 'not very nice' whatever that means! Can anyone tell me what is wrong with it? I mean I heard it's hilly...
  17. elzi


    I'm thinking of taking a tent this year for the first time. Does anyone have reccomendations for a lightweight carry-able tent that doesn't cost the earth? I'm really unsure where to start. I'm in the UK if that makes a difference..
  18. elzi

    Camping, Cash and other questions!

    Hello, Hopefully walking from Porto leaving around the 17th of May. Does anyone know whether its possible to camp along the route? The accomodation looks a bit sparse and pricey for me. Also are there regular places to get cash/food along the route or should I be carrying a lot of both? Can't...
  19. elzi

    Can I go backwards?

    Hi Folks, I've long wanted to do the Camino del Norte but thought I'd better do the Frances first (that I finished last year) but me and my friend have this idea that we'd like to do it backwards, starting at santiago (or finisterre) and heading back towards France. Thing is I'm wondering if...
  20. elzi

    Arriving in Pamplona at 5.30am - help!

    Hello, Me and my friend are arriving in Pamplona from the night train at 5.30am in a couple of weeks time and I wondered if anyone has any advice on what there is to do with ourselves that early in the morning in Pamplona? Also if we are too exhausted to start walking that day (quite likely!)...