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  1. martin1ws

    NEW update on Dave Bugg

    Great news! Thank you very much for the update.
  2. martin1ws

    Video Pandemic Impact on Camino Businesses - Talking to Susi of Casa Susi Albergue

    Thank you for the video. Yes, this is very tough. And thank you for the link as well.
  3. martin1ws

    Update on Dave Bugg

    Maybe it is good to make the mail address less robot-readable... something like "[hisname]1bugg AT gmail . com" so that davebugg does not get many spams because of posting the address here. If someone does not understand this "encrypted" mail he / she could still ask and get the answer in a...
  4. martin1ws

    Thinking of walking Camino Frances in summer 2021... in need of advice

    If one of my daughters would ask me such a question in a similar situation, I would say: "Go!" But I do not know if you get unbiased advice from me or on this forum.
  5. martin1ws

    VdlP Budget is Ready! - All part of the Fun of Planning a Camino

    Nice tool. But of course it only reminds me that for me the more difficult task is to get the free time (with job and family - and of course there should be a balance between the family-holiday and my camino holiday as well)(and of course this is only the current situation - I never know if I...
  6. martin1ws

    Video Woo Hoo. It's Jenny about Volunteering

    Thank you very much, @Robo and @JennyH94 ! Very interesting, even if I do not think about volunteering at the moment. But you are joking with the names, aren't you?
  7. martin1ws

    COVID Maths and Covid 19

    I am not an statistician with medial background... but the results I found for hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) in a short search are mixed. I think that a country - study needs to be done very carefully because the difference between e. g. USA and e. g. Greece may be not only the hydroxychloroquine...
  8. martin1ws

    Discouraged in Florida

    If you look for some videos, you can start e. g. here: https://www.caminodesantiago.me/community/threads/a-collection-of-camino-videos.68039 And this is my favourite short film: https://www.caminodesantiago.me/community/threads/what-i-learnt-along-the-way-short-film.49141/ You can view...
  9. martin1ws

    COVID Maths and Covid 19

    We had these arguments before, but I did not know these charts (you can choose with the radio button on the top e. g. between confirmed cases, confirmed deaths and tests)...
  10. martin1ws

    Discouraged in Florida

    There are many pilgrims and only very few cases of crime. Portugal and Spain are rather safe countries: https://www.numbeo.com/crime/rankings_by_country.jsp And I think, the Caminos are safer than the average holiday regions. And in a group the crime risk is probably almost not existing... or at...
  11. martin1ws

    Discouraged in Florida

    Yes, it can be done in separate trips. If you do not want to get a Compostela, there are no rules at all. If you want to get one, there are only these rules on the last 100 km: [To get the "Compostela" you must... collect two stamps a day on the last 100km ... details here: ]...
  12. martin1ws

    Discouraged in Florida

    On this website www.gronze.com you can see the route and where you can buy things or sleep. If you take the Valcarlos route, you have about 12km between the stopps in the Pyrenees... so this is very close to your 8 miles: https://www.gronze.com/etapa/saint-jean-pied-port/valcarlos/roncesvalles...
  13. martin1ws

    Discouraged in Florida

    8 miles would be enough. In this old thread there are tips: https://www.caminodesantiago.me/community/threads/curious-about-achievability-of-camino-at-50-slow-walker.51501/ For planing on the Camino Frances: http://www.godesalco.com/plan/frances I think the risk of getting 'addicted' to the...
  14. martin1ws

    Thinking about tents

    I carried sleeping gear (a tarp, a inflatable mattress, a sleeping bag for lower temperatures) on my Camino from Munich to Lindau in Germany in the last two weeks. I wanted to have it as a fallback option if corona would get worse. Finally (and luckily) I did not need it... I only slept one...
  15. martin1ws

    Video Oh No! He's Back - David Shares some Camino Tips

    As C clearly said, it depends... I would just try it with your smartphone or the smartphone of a friend (take a test photo on a walk at home and print it). I think the "how many megapixels" site tells you what you need if you want to "count the hairs"... often you would not need that much...
  16. martin1ws

    April 2021

    At the moment (in the last days) the new cases do not rise any longer in Spain. And the deaths are far below the number of deaths in the first wave. If it hopefully stays like this there is no need for a new complete lock down. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/spain/...
  17. martin1ws

    Planning, training... and waiting

    Flight to Spain canceled, because there is still a travel warning in Germany for Spain in general and for many regions, e. g. for Galicia. Changing the flight for flying in 2021 should be possible. Ivar says as well...
  18. martin1ws

    COVID COVID-19: Corona virus discussion (ROUND 7)

    Yesterday there were 2615 new cases in Spain. Almost double from the day before. I hope very much that this was the exception and not a new trend: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/spain/
  19. martin1ws

    Video David Part 2 - The 3 Most Common Camino Injuries & How to Avoid them.

    Thank you very much, @Robo and @David ! Blisters: main reason: too small shoes; stop on hotspot immediately Shin Splints: walk as if you have no backpack (not leant forward); short paces Knees: walking up and down and on rough terrain: poles that are used in the right way (not just clicking on...
  20. martin1ws

    Video Why do People Walk the Camino - with Ivar Rekve (who shares a Secret!)

    Thank you very much, @Robo and @ivar. And yes, a very surprising secret...