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  1. george.g

    Almaden de la Plata

    Hi, I’m hoping to walk the Via de la Plata again starting 18th of April, when I walked through Almaden a couple of years ago the big municipal albergue at the top of the village had been burned out, anyone got any up to date information? Did anyone stay last year? Regards George
  2. george.g

    Bus from Madrid to Caceres on Labour day.

    Hi, due to work commitments my family can only walk for a week each year, this year it’s Caceres to Salamanca, only problem is that they will probably have to bus there on Friday the first of May which is Labour Day. Has anyone any practical experience of public transport on Labour Day? Regards...
  3. george.g

    INR tests while on camino

    I have to take a daily dose of warfarin to maintain a INR level. I have to have my INR tested quite often as for whatever reason my INR varies a lot. Has anyone walked recently with the same issues? I accept that I may have to buy a portable test machine, but are there any other options...
  4. george.g

    Albergue's Turistico Fuente de Cantos and Zafra.

    I'm trying to e-mail both these establishments without any luck, both are supposed to be open year round, has anyone any idea if they are open, closed or shut down, or just shut for the off season? Regards. George
  5. george.g

    Another Albergue in San Pedro de Rozados

    Arrived San Pedro to find new signs to an Albergue, in the centre of the village. Albergue Mutatio Elana, attached to Bar Claveles. Clean, small, sleeps 12 in single beds not bunks. Food available. 9e, dinner bed and breakfast 20e. Tel 609 278 013. Regards George
  6. george.g

    Simple iPad gps system.

    You all probably know about this bit of kit, but its new to me. I recently bought an ipad mini wifi only to replace an aging Nexus 7, thinking "this will be a good tablet to take on camino" to read books, skype, wifi and gps. I wish like a lot of others I had checked out its gps functionality...
  7. george.g

    Flight Booked for April 11th start

    Well I've gone and done it, flight booked to Almeria on the 10th April. so if any one has plans for about that time and would like some company please let me know. (if you look at Maggies blogg I'm that George) I intend to start from Almeria on Tue 11th and walk to Santiago in about 52 days...
  8. george.g

    More information Carcboso Albergue

    Staying at the Albergue Ma Jalavara in Carcaboso. Very clean showers and a fully equipped kitchen with washing machine. Open WiFi. Breakfast available. Right on the Camino, shops etc, are very close. Would definitely recommend! Regards George
  9. george.g

    I may be wrong but?

    Walked into Riego del Camino and called in Bar Pepe for a drink, with the intention of pressing on to Granja. The lady in the bar was most insistent that Granja was " completo" and I should stay in Riego It became apparent that the only source of food and drink was "Bar Pepe" which to put it...
  10. george.g

    Why do some people insist on shutting windows?

    As an observation, certain European nationals must have the windows shut tight at night irrespective of the numbers sleeping in the same dorm! Even to the extent that they will get up in the early hours and quietly close them, honest! In the morning can you imagine the air quality. Perhaps...
  11. george.g

    Albergue at Embalse de Alcantara closed

    Arrived at Cacares today (Las Veletas) to be told that the albergue overlooking the lake is closed for repairs! So plan accordingly! I'll go past in the next day or so and if I can I'll check and report Regards George PS So is the fishing lodge Alcantara Pesca
  12. george.g

    Medellin - Merida

    The route from Medellin to Merida via Yables is very poorly marked, there are some arrows but badly worn, depending on which guide you use the distance is quoted as little as 34kms or as much as 45kms, GPS is readout yesterday 44+ Arrived Merida to find Municiple "completo" luckily found a...
  13. george.g

    Alcaracejos - Medellin

    The route between these two town provides no significant problems, the route is generally well signed and apart from a little road walking along smooth fast tracks. In Medellin you must stay at "Casa particular de Micaela Diaz 628-933-194" Only problem there doesn't seem to be a consensus about...
  14. george.g

    Villaharta - Alcaracejos

    You will be offered any amount of advice re this stage, taxis etc etc, but its a very do able walking stage, two streams to wade both ankle deep, but after rain??? First at least has a foot bridge 200mtrs upstream. Tracks are well marked even through the olive groves, and there is a water tap on...
  15. george.g

    Cordoba - Villaharta

    Leaving Cordoba is a little difficult, ceramic plaques high up on walls mark the way, fairly straightforward execept near the central library, where you go left along the city wall for a few yards then right up "cinco cobrallos" In Cerro Muriano you must stay with Gert-Jan and Maria, the high...
  16. george.g

    Almogia-Antequera "direct"

    I'm putting together a plan for my upcoming Malaga - Finisterre camino and I've seen a reference to there being a option on day two, to go either Almogia - Villanueva and on to Antequera on day three, or Amogia - Antequera in one day. Google maps gives the distance between Almogia and Antequera...
  17. george.g

    Hazard Fording streams.

    Hi all. I have found a warning on the Malaga association site that the pilgrim must be aware of the possibility of long detours because of flooded streams in the rainy season. The questions are I guess, where and when? Is there a serious risk? As there is a strong chance this will be a solo...
  18. george.g

    Why oh why

    On the French Way now, I can put up with the snores, the plastic bag rustlers, the megawatt headlights and the 0530am starters, but why oh why do certain people insist on closing the windows? Woke up several times now in what felt like a sauna!! Regards George
  19. george.g

    Railway construction between Zamora/Granja

    Be aware there is quite a lot of railway construction between Zamora and Granja. Not a lot of direction markings but doable. In the dry not too bad, in the wet that could be another matter altogether!!! Regards George
  20. george.g

    San Bartolome and onwards

    San Bartolome, to Avila well signed, going through Avila just follow the flechas to the albergue by the Adaja bridge, Snra Delores opens it at 1300, great albergue all facilities. Gotarrendura, go to town hall, book in, go to bar opposite, book evening meal, bar opens specially for pilgrims...