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  1. Wayne of LaVerne

    Amazon Deal of the Day = Inflatable Shell

    Yes they are everywhere
  2. Wayne of LaVerne

    What Item Triggers Flashback Memories of the Camino

    Mine is Dr Bronners Peppermint All One Hemp Soap. I had never used it before the Camino. Forum had recommended it for bathing & washing clothes. Now whenever I shower, the smell of it brings me back to a tight cramped shower feeling wonderfully refreshed.
  3. Wayne of LaVerne

    What Is The Most Useful & Usless Item You Packed

    Most Useful: Zip Ties. Rack slipped & pivoted 90 degrees. Zips worked great. Note the blue zip routed around the cable guide, hence keeping the clamp from slipping back. Most Useless: UE Boom Portable Speaker. Never used it. Visions of a party on the road?
  4. Wayne of LaVerne

    "I'll Push You", Patrick & Justin today!

    By fate, I bumped into these 2 today while waiting for a flight at 6AM from Boise to LAX. my flight at 6AM. Start of a really good day.
  5. Wayne of LaVerne

    Meeting Justin & Patrick, "I'll Push You" this morning

    I rode the Camino in May, solo, Napolean route. While being physically destroyed on day 1, I would fall back on a video I watched, "I'll Push You", a Calvin College lecture. Today at 6AM, by chance, I met them. We were on the same flight from Boise to LAX. Their premier showing, a Fandango...
  6. Wayne of LaVerne

    Biking SJP to Santiago Observations

    i just finished the route on my 15 yr old cannondale jekyl, panniers & panaracer knobby tires. Observations: Initial plan was riding the walkers route starting with the napoleon. Bad idea. Mostly hike & bike. Never saw 1 other rider. Hiker said they saw 1, but with no luggage. Books said 15%...
  7. Wayne of LaVerne

    Hotels in Santiago accepting bikes

    Can anyone recommend hotels in Santiago that can safely store my bike before I bring it to Bicicletas Velocípedo to be boxed & shipped home?
  8. Wayne of LaVerne

    Bike transport Biarritz to SJP? Lodging?

    I am flying into Biarritz with my boxed bike in the evening. I plan on spending the night in Biarritz & going to SJP the next morning & then assembling it there. 2 questions: Hotel recommendation very close to airport in BIQ & shuttle tips to get to SJP with boxed bike? Thanks
  9. Wayne of LaVerne

    Coruna to LAX, Delta /AF with bike?

    Is the commuter connection plane from Coruna too small to handle a bike? If so I guess the nearest large airport is Madrid?
  10. Wayne of LaVerne

    Bike Transport from L.A. to Biarritz & Santiago De Compostela/ Coruna to L.A.

    I am flying Delta in May. Any tips or tricks? Maybe ship it ahead as freight? Any Santiago bike shops that can box bike for trip back, or where I can buy a box to repack it? The main delta flight should be able to handle the oversize box, but can the short leg using a partner airline (air...