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  1. camino07

    West Australian Camino meeting

    Another month coming to an end. Next WA Camino meeting is Sunday 31st January from 9am at Benny's ,South Terrace, Fremantle. All welcome.
  2. camino07

    3 Caminos, season 1 now available

    I have also binge watched the whole thing and got to enjoy it the more I watched. Stunning scenery and I really got the feeling that they walked unlike The Way. Them meeting up again after years to walk again was good although they didn't age much until the last Camino. All in all ,being a...
  3. camino07

    VdlP Easter Week '22

    I have twice walked from Seville a couple of days after Easter and hope to repeat next year. Excellent time of year to start. I like to stay at Hotel Simon, very pilgrim friendly and also can provide credencials and the Amigos guide book. You would need to book far in advance at Hotel Simon as...
  4. camino07

    Cruz de Ferro - plans for landscaping and redevelopment

    I agree with the need for a toilet block. Isn't there already a small one? Maybe I'm thinking of somewhere else.
  5. camino07

    Basilica de San Isidoro in León and Stupid Stupid Me

    I have been to the Pilgrim mass there a couple of times and we were taken out to the front for a blessing and given a small memento. Great start to the San Salvador/Primitivo.
  6. camino07

    When was your first Camino?

    First Camino from St Jean in2007 for my 60th year. No need to book, no pack transport ,no mobile phone. Collected coins to use the blue phones in bars to keep in touch with my family in Australia. I have walked various Caminos every year since. I remember a big influx of Americans after "the...
  7. camino07

    Any past or future pilgrims in the Top End?

    I have a Camino friend who lives in Darwin and she is interested in joining you. Can you post what time and date you are meeting at the Foreshore café.
  8. camino07

    VdlP - Walking 2021

    I heard that Qantas is starting to take bookings for July onwards and I had an email from Qatar saying I could book from June to Edinburgh. Of course its up to the governments whether we can go or arrive anywhere. In today's West Australian there is an article saying the vaccine may come...
  9. camino07

    My stages on the Camino Primitivo

    Loved the Hospitales route but that descent at the end ,down into the village terrifies me. I have done it twice now and the second time was as bad as the first.
  10. camino07

    VdlP - Walking 2021

    Nothing is definite but can't see us being allowed to leave Australia without one. I'm not keen on walking the Vdlp up to Salamanca in autumn although the Sanabres was great then. May have to leave it until April 2022. However I may try the Invierno and another, this late September if possible.🙏
  11. camino07

    VdlP - Walking 2021

    I have walked it twice in mid April and would love to repeat it this year but considering we are not being given our vaccination until March, not much hope. Personally can't walk when its too hot.
  12. camino07

    Video Thank you for your support in 2020

    Thank you Ivar for all you do and your Monday videos. Also for the prompt deliveries from your store. Would love to see a photo of your little boy if that is appropriate. Happy and Safe New Year.
  13. camino07

    West Australian Camino meeting

    If anyone is at a loose end after Christmas we thought we would give the option of meeting up at Benny's in South Terr, Fremantle. Sunday 27th December from 9am. Great to chill after the Biz. Camino fix :)
  14. camino07

    Charming Camino Vinto Tinto Logo

    I bought a bottle of Pazo Barrantes Albarinho today. We like white when the weather is so hot, the guy tried to get me to buy Australian albarinho, I soon set him right. :)
  15. camino07

    Legend of the Traveler's Tree

    I used to have a Travellers Palm in my backyard. I was told they always point North. Didn't know the fruit was edible though. It was a gorgeous thing.
  16. camino07

    What are your favourite places on the Primitivo?

    We had a great meal there with other pilgrims last May. huge meal and he gave us a yellow arrow brooch.
  17. camino07

    One Day at a time, One Photo at a Time (Part 3)

    Brought back memories of the bar in Arres on the Aragones. We watched the owner sitting ,peeling freshly picked white asparagus. Next thing she brings over a plate for my friend and I. So delicious! Since then I have loved it...
  18. camino07

    Casa Ivar (the house) is for rent

    Beautiful home. I wish :)