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  1. Opa Theo

    Training on a treadmill.

    Treadmills are good for training. The only thing they can't do is to prepare the muscles needed for downhill walking. There were many long downhill sections of the Francis route.
  2. Opa Theo

    COVID COVID-19 — It is time to postpone your camino.

    We're in a pandemic. Everyone should stay home. Wear a mask in public. Read books. We need to sacrifice the freedom to travel until the world is safe. We need to pray.
  3. Opa Theo

    Travel from US to Spain during COVID

    We are experiencing a pandemic, meaning world wide. I'd love to travel but scientific advice is for everyone to stay home and practice safe distancing from other people. It is everyone's duty to stay home until this deadly disease is under control or abates. I believe it would be selfish for me...
  4. Opa Theo

    A Big Boo to Stone Stacking

    In southern New England, USA I frequently find stacked stones. On subsequent hikes these stones are usually pushed over. Suppose bears or other hikers disapprove. I've seen some piles that involve heavy rocks. These are potentially dangerous to small children. I do not feel strongly about these...
  5. Opa Theo

    COVID Covid19- groceries...what to do

    I could never be that methodical and organized. I'm doomed! Theo
  6. Opa Theo

    COVID COVID-19 — It is time to postpone your camino.

    Things might get much worse. Cancel. Go home. Everyone's life is a pilgrimage. The camino is a small portion of a person's journey.
  7. Opa Theo

    HELP! (Shoe advice) April 2020

    I have the same shoes. I would go with the Hoka non waterproof. All the waterproof shoes I've owned tend to build up moisture from perspiration which has a hard time drying out because the waterproof membrane seems to trap in moisture. Buen Camino Ted
  8. Opa Theo

    Camino Travel Agent recommendations

    October 2018 we walked the last 90 miles of the Camino Frances. We had Gary from Spanish Adventures make arrangements for us. He was very helpful arranging luggage transfers and accommodations. The costs were very reasonable. He suggested several detours to see religious or historical sites.
  9. Opa Theo

    Pilgrimage or escape?

    I'm 72 years old, retired, a grandfather, fly fisherman and an avid volunteer in teaching fishing skills to disabled military veterans and the disabled students. The maximum time I feel I can disappear is two weeks. I feel needed. I love my obligations. Also, I've always pushed myself and have...
  10. Opa Theo

    Walking meditation

    Agree. The rosary is my default form of meditation. Younger days I ran lots of marathons. Learned to "focus" when footing was difficult on each foot fall. On long simple stretches I absorbed the environment and fellow runners and devised litanies of things and people I'm grateful for. In my...
  11. Opa Theo

    Where have you been 50 years ago?

    My girlfriend, now married 49 years, and I I attended spur of the moment. We left Philadelphia with Barbara's cousin who was recently released from the US Marine Corps having served in Viet Nam. Our generation endured the murders of JFK and Reverend Dr Martin Luther King, race riots, war...
  12. Opa Theo

    Article in the Washington Post: I walked 500 miles across Spain...

    Thanks for sharing this. My wife and I walked the Francais route last October. Like the author I looked for every opportunity to experience masses and churches. My wife is a CE {Christmas/Easter} Catholic was surprised to be moved by the religious experiences. Everyone's life is a pilgrimage...
  13. Opa Theo

    Cheap but fine equipment

    For our Camino last October I found a 35 L Gonex pack on Amazon for $32. With a promotion it cost me under $20. I showed it to a friend at REI where I had purchased and returned an Osprey pack and a Gregory pack. My friend checked it out and showed it to his manager. He was non comital. Bumped...
  14. Opa Theo

    ...On Being Short...

    If your feet reach the ground you're the perfect height!
  15. Opa Theo

    Litter, Toilet Paper, Poop, Not Just a Camino Problem.

    Trail Angels are kind people who donate food or services for free along the epic American trails (Appalachian Trail, Continental Divide trail,PCT). What label should we use for those selfish people who liter and disrespect the environment? Trail Turds is my suggestion. In Southern New England...
  16. Opa Theo

    two pairs of shoes vs one pair

    On our Camino last year I used two different pairs of trail runner: pair of Brooks Ghost and pair of Vasque trail runners. Reason for different shoes is that each pair stress the feet differently. I've used this strategy of alternating different brands when training for marathons. No blisters...
  17. Opa Theo

    Communication with Home

    Last October on the Camino Francais we used What's AP. We kept our phones on airplane mode and were able to send What's ap messages, pics and videos to our family friends. I was pleasant to fast from all the malignant politics in the US. Buen Camino
  18. Opa Theo

    Camino del Norte a Chimayó

    Well written and fascinating information in your article. Intrigued that soil is the sacred medium. I had no container so filled my hat and later found a glass bottle. I registered a sense the area has a serious quiet feeling to it. This last sentence seems murky but I did perceive a feeling...
  19. Opa Theo

    Camino del Norte a Chimayó

    Interesting links. Was puzzled by the many roadside memorials, one link contained background information and photos.
  20. Opa Theo

    Camino del Norte a Chimayó

    Thanks for the link