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  1. Debinq

    What DO men put in their backpacks?

    Anna They carry for their beloved the things she can't carry - or would prefer not to carry - as otherwise her pack will be too heavy! happy trails Peter
  2. Debinq

    Australian Pilgrim meetings

    Dave - I advise you to keep hold of yr UK/EU passport too... not sure how long you intend to be in the EU, but on your AU passport you'd only have 90 days to travel within the so-called Schengen zone - that's the bulk of EU countries. UK had the good sense (for a change) not to sign the Schengen...
  3. Debinq

    Camino Aragonés

    Hi reg Mar I suggest ou look at the relevant parts of the Munidcamino site there's oodles of info available abt Ruesta, artieda and Undues de L http://www.mundicamino.com/ruta.cfm?p=Pueblos&id=20&cod=4&xini=Artieda&xfin=Sang%C3%BCesa&xne=4&quees=Pueblos happy trails Peter
  4. Debinq

    Oleron Sainte Marie or Somport?--directions?

    hi Steeltown this url is in Spanish but it gives you the lowdown on the C Aragones from Oleron http://www.jacajacobea.com/ficha_poblaciones.php?pob_id=1 there is also a French site called 'aucoeurduchemin' that has similar info and diagrams... happy trails (b t w I did the C from Somport...
  5. Debinq

    VdlP starting in Slamanca in June/July?? Too hot??

    hi Heinrich The VdlP from Salamanca is still more or less on the Meseta -so you can bank on extremely hot conditions in June/July; when you get into the Cantabrian foothills some 100km further from Zamora e'g. Pueblo de Sanabria, there may be a degree or 2 difference wit the Meseta proper -...
  6. Debinq

    What are options Cea to A LAxe?

    The Monasterio is a must, if only to buy some in house produced chocolate! - but I heard that the dorms were damp and very basic - I didn't stay there and pushed on to Dozon in the same afternoon; got there at abt 16.00 - I recall- but found it was closed. There we several pilgrims waiting for...
  7. Debinq

    From Oleron-Ste-Marie crossing Somport on Camino Aragones

    hola Sandeeps just saw yr post - try this http://www.aucoeurduchemin.org/spip/spip.php?article166 this section has the 'detail des etapes' (Gabas - Ste Christine du Somport) I can't think of a more thorough route description happy trails Peter
  8. Debinq

    Where to Start?

    'Start at the beginning and stop when you've gone far enough....you'll know when' (Apologies to Lewis Carroll) happy trails Peter
  9. Debinq

    How About Work?

    Hi Frances Count y/self lucky you're in the WA PS getting paid long service leave every 7 years! In Queensland paid l/s leave kicks-in after 10 years service! Still pretty generous tho' - I accumulated mine and took leave after17 years service - that way I had quite some time away from work...
  10. Debinq

    I would have done someting different than the Camino.

    ah, I think I understand now Sham, one of the reasons you were so disappointed was because there were no "friendly natives" to wash yr clothes for you? lamentably Debinq (bwana) 8)
  11. Debinq

    Why has "No Money" topic pilgrim created such controversy?

    Sure Lynne - that's good advice and a sound principle to base your actions on .... I would add however 'do it quietly' not in a look-at-me-everyone-aren't-I -just bloody-mahvellous manner happy trails Peter
  12. Debinq

    I'm agnostic, should I be going?

    Sure Cpt Bud if you have the appropriate number of sellos you get a compostella - so did I - but it was not beautifully calligraphied as others I saw that were given to ppl who said they had walked 'per christo' - my name was scribbled with a Bic pen - I was told this was because I had not...
  13. Debinq

    I'm agnostic, should I be going?

    Just do not expect to receive a nicely calligraphied 'compostella' when you fess up at the office with your 'sello' festooned credential and tell you've not done yr camino 'per christo' or for some other spiritual reason! happy trails quand meme Peter
  14. Debinq

    I will walk the Camino with “NO” money

    hola Kazcynski not sure whether this comment tack has already been made by someone else - but it strikes me that you could have avoided the (sometimes angry) criticism and negative comment it seems you have called up by waiting until there was actually some genuine experience to relate ... maybe...
  15. Debinq

    7th C Jacobi stone found in Merida

    Ping Surely the archaeologists will get to the bottom of it! no? (hehe) happy trails Peter
  16. Debinq

    New section for the Camino del Sureste

    hola Laurie Mundicamino has a la Lana one I think. happy trails Peter
  17. Debinq

    Why don´t more people walk the Camino Aragones?

    Attagal Sil (or should that be attagel?) Always good to read an answer backed up with some historical context - I expect part of the answer to the question is that there are prolly as many answers as there are people who'd attempt an explanation! (How's that for kicking down an open door?) So...
  18. Debinq

    From Caminos to the GR10 (A Traverse of the Pyrenees)

    Yes Fatma I have heard of the GR107 also - it seems to me these 'bonhommes' (and 'bonnefemmes') knew a thing or two about love, life and the pursuit of happiness....! happy trails Peter
  19. Debinq

    From Caminos to the GR10 (A Traverse of the Pyrenees)

    hola Nalod ...and Fatma I got 'stuck' this year (March/apr) in the Alpujarras near Granada and in the Alta Marina hills in the hinterland of Valencia ... the so-called 'Moorish Trail' in the Alta marina was absolutely stunning - I was so blown away by the beauty of it I sort of forgot abt the...
  20. Debinq

    Caution for female pilgrims around Boadilla del Camino

    hola I don't mean to sound that I am trivialising this ... but my Mum tried ridicule when confronted with blokes with this kind of penchant - she laughed at them and exhorted them to put it away as she had seen bigger and better in her day ... que pequeno ! It worked especially when she was...