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  1. Lucyk

    Forum Book Club - 1 - The Pilgrimage Road to Santiago (Gitlitz and Davidson)

    It's an excellent book and I say that as a medieval historian, as well as someone interested in the Camino. The research is first class and the history is highly reliable. I used it in a kind of unconventional way -- I published a historical novel about the pilgrimage road during the 12th...
  2. Lucyk

    Albergue (pilgrim's hostel) for sale in Lorca (Navarra), in the Camino Francés

    Lorca is a beautiful place with a very interesting history. Here's my Lorca snapshot from April 2019:
  3. Lucyk

    COVID When can we walk again? (March 2020 version)

    I planned to go in mid October and I am still hoping, but the big question to me is not just when things with die down and become safe for walking, but how much time we will have before they start up again. Because there is definitely a possibility that we will have more than one go-round with this.
  4. Lucyk

    Alto del Perdon

    I walked down the footpath in Hoka trail runners last year around this time, and no walking poles. It required all my concentration but was not particularly difficult, nor did I feel myself to be in any danger. Conditions were dry, which I am sure helps. At the time I was very ill, though i...
  5. Lucyk

    Have you been sponsored?

    One of my first "encounters" with the Camino was reading this wonderful book by Laurie Dennett who used her walk on the Camino several decades ago when conditions were mush simpler, to raise money for MS. You might find it inspiring. It's a great book: A Hug For The Apostle
  6. Lucyk

    COVID Cornonavirus Question

    Anyone who is telling you NOW how COVID-19 (coronavirus) may or not affect a Camino in the autumn or in April or in May is not someone you should be listening to.
  7. Lucyk

    What to pack for my First Camino?

    Make sure you thoroughly test out the liner sock/merino sock combo before you leave. I lost two toenails because of wearing liner socks. They work great for some; not for me.
  8. Lucyk

    Exploration day at the end: Estella or Los Arcos?

    I spent an unexpected three days in Estella (Long story -- I got very ill and had to end my Camino) and I found it to be a wonderful place to visit. I'd go back just to be on holiday. And FWIW, if by chance you need it, there is a bus that goes from Estella to Burgos and stops in Los Arcos...
  9. Lucyk

    How do you prepare for the faith journey of the Camino?

    In the Middle Ages, pilgrims would go to their local parish church and get their purse and staff blessed before they left home. I think one could certainly do that with a backpack and hiking poles.
  10. Lucyk

    Foot pain before Camino - advice needed

    I was having foot pain before I left for my Camino, from doing lunges while training. I went to my orthopedist and she prescribed orthotics for me. Best thing I ever did.
  11. Lucyk

    Anyone use Hoka One One shoes?

    Since i had to end my Camino shortly after starting it due to illness, I can't vouch for their long life, but I can tell anyone who is interested that my Hokas dealt very well with the rocky ground on that long descent from the Alto de Perdon.
  12. Lucyk

    Las Huelgas

    Are you sure the manuscript is still actually located at Las Huelgas, and wasn't just produced there? A lot of manuscripts were moved to Madrid in the nineteenth century. If you can post the name and/or shelfmark of the manuscript you'd like to look at, I can maybe help. The monastery doesn't...
  13. Lucyk

    Leaving the Camino

    I think that's true. I think I've been on it for decades.
  14. Lucyk

    Leaving the Camino

    We all know that for a number of people, maybe a lot of people, their Camino doesn't turn out the way they planned. Maybe they even leave it early. We don't hear much from them. They probably end with a lot of complicated feelings and are not likely to spend time talking in Facebook groups or...
  15. Lucyk

    I probably won’t do this again

    I use Ohropax. They are wax, from Germany. They have worked in albergues full of snorers, and even with my husband.
  16. Lucyk

    Advice re my packing for June Frances from Leon? Esp. from ladies! ta :-)

    Seconding all of this. Do a search for Turkish peshtemel.
  17. Lucyk

    Casa Magica - new management

    When I passed through Villatuerta on April 2, it was closed. I guess this sale explains why.
  18. Lucyk

    Sock Liners. Yes or No

    I’ve brought them with me but the one day I did a solid test of them I ended up with a bruised second toe. The combination of both socks meant that they pressed on my toe, as if I was walking downhill the whole way. I’ll try again but I may have done liners to donate to the cause...
  19. Lucyk

    Rucksack on planes

    FWIW I was able to carry on my lightly packed Osprey kyte 46L on Iberia yesterday. They gate checked it —and a couple dozen other bags— for free for the Madrid-Pamplona leg.
  20. Lucyk

    Almost on my Way

    I fly out in a couple of hours to Pamplona via Madrid, and I start walking on Monday. Kind of nervous. What if no one wants to talk to me? What if too many people want to talk to me? What if I am bringing all the wrong things? What if I can't find a place to sleep one night? I don't know if I...