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how to successfully prepare for your Camino
This book's focus is on reducing the risk of failure through being well prepared.
John Brierley Camino Frances Guide
This guide is one of the ones that has been around for over 15 years. Updated yearly. Please read the reviews.

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  1. SacredSteps

    New Three-Season Layering Options

    I know layering comes up *a lot* but with advances in textiles and new products coming to market every year, I've spent more time than I would care to admit re-working my layers for both pilgrimage and my non-supported walks on the Appalachian and Florida Trails. I'm headed to the California...
  2. SacredSteps

    Podcast CAMINO 101: How many days to walk the Camino de Santiago?

    As a new regular feature for the Sacred Steps Podcast, we're launching a video series entitled CAMINO 101 that answers simple questions sent by pilgrims and those considering pilgrimage. As always, I really appreciate your feedback in comments, email, and social media. NOW STREAMING ONLINE...
  3. SacredSteps

    Podcast EP9: Pilgrimage for Eight cross France, England & Scotland

    Buen Camino, pilgrims! We just dropped another episode of the Sacred Steps Podcast, a story that I suspect most do not know! Enjoy! NEW PODCAST EPISODE - EP9 (34min) A modern-day Canterbury Tales, "Pilgrimage for Eight" follows eight strangers (and one dog!)...
  4. SacredSteps

    Podcast EP8: An American Camino: Walking the California Mission Trail with Christian Clifford

    🎧 NEW PODCAST EPISODE - EP8 (23min) On today's episode we're walking an American Camino: 800 miles along the California Missions Trail with pilgrim Christian Clifford. An educator and published author, Christian shares the history of the mission system and...
  5. SacredSteps

    Podcast EP7: COVID Updates for the Camino & Other Pilgrimage Routes

    "Can we walk the Camino in 2021?" In this episode, we discuss COVID restrictions and the impact on spring and summer pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago, Via Francigena, Kumano Kodo, and pilgrim paths in Britain, Italy, and the USA. LISTEN NOW (11min): APPLE...
  6. SacredSteps

    Podcast EP6: Jesus Trail, Via Lauretana, and St. Francis & St. Clare of Assisi with Pilgrim Guide Bret Thoman

    In this episode, we're walking virtually from Nazareth to the Sea of Galilee along the Jesus Trail in Israel with pilgrim guide Bret Thoman. Brett has written five books on St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi, so he shares the story of these revered saints two Italian Caminos. NEW PODCAST...
  7. SacredSteps

    Podcast EP5: Interview with Booths to Bliss author Claude Tranchant

    Buen Camino, pilgrims. This episode has *so much* of the emotion we all associate with the Camino. I hope you love Claude's story! NEW PODCAST EPISODE - EP5 (23min) Her 30-year marriage ended, Australian author Claude Tranchant ("Boots to Bliss", "Boots to Freedom") left her home at age 64...
  8. SacredSteps

    Podcast SACRED STEPS PODCAST: Interview with "Camino Junkie" Kevin Considine

    Buen camino, pilgrims! I think you're going to enjoy this short interview with forum member and self-proclaimed "Camino Junkie" Kevin Considine in the latest Sacred Steps Podcast. 🎧 EP4 (21min): Global pilgrim Kevin Considine discusses being welcomed into homes as a pilgrim and the tradition of...
  9. SacredSteps

    Podcast SACRED STEPS PODCAST: Interview with JohnnieWalker on We Walk For You Camino

    Buen Camino, pilgrims. I think you're going to like the latest Sacred Steps Podcast with beloved Scottish pilgrim @JohnnieWalker. EP3 (21min): Scottish pilgrim JohnnieWalker Santiago shares the emotional story of gathering the prayers of pilgrims from around the world during COVID and walking...
  10. SacredSteps

    Podcast SACRED STEPS PODCAST: UK Pilgrimages with Pilgrim Pathways Author Andy Bull

    Buen camino, pilgrims! I'm so proud to share the lastest Sacred Steps Podcast. EP2: English columnist and author Andy Bull is featured on the Sacred Steps Podcast to discuss his new book - Pilgrim Pathways - detailing the English Camino, the Pilgrims' Way to Canterbury, and twenty one-day or...
  11. SacredSteps

    Podcast SACRED STEPS PODCAST: Interview with Guidebook Author Sandy Brown

    Buen camino, pilgrims! I'm so proud to share our new podcast: Sacred Steps Podcast. In the premiere episode, guidebook author and pilgrim Sandy Brown joins the show to discuss his new guidebook and share insights on three pilgrim routes. If you know Sandy, you know that he's a wonderful...
  12. SacredSteps

    Updated Resources for the California Missions Trail

    UPDATED SEPT 2020 For those that are interested in walking the California Mission Trail, I thought I would share some of the most updated links and information about this wonderful pilgrimage walk along the Pacific Ocean and mountains of America's Golden State. CALIFORNIA MISSIONS TRAIL...
  13. SacredSteps

    Complete GPS / GPX / KML files for California Missions Trail

    Good day, pilgrims. I wanted to share that I have created a complete set of GPS / GPX / KML / Google Earth files for the California Missions Trail, based on the books by Mr. Butch Brierly and Mr. Jim Lutz. While I have not yet completed the California Mission Trail, I want to express my most...
  14. SacredSteps

    Bedbug Free Nights on the Camino

    For those of you preparing your packing lists for the Camino, I come to sing the praises of the Sea to Summit Traveller Adapter Bed Liner with Insect Shield from my previous experience on the Camino and from backpack trekking in hostels worldwide. The STS Traveller Adapter is a great liner for...
  15. SacredSteps

    Where are the apostles of Jesus buried?

    This was a really informative and enjoyable project to undertake, researching where the remains of the Apostles of Jesus are buried. From one side of the Iberian peninsula, across Europe, into the Middle East and on into Southeast Asia, Jesus's disciples are entombed in eleven different...
  16. SacredSteps

    Where to Stay In Canterbury?

    I'll finish the Pilgrim's Way from London and arrive in Canterbury this July before continuing on the VF into France. I am thinking to splurge and stay at the Canterbury Cathedral Lodge. I thought I had seen some older posts about pilgrim accommodations; however, the rooms listed on the website...
  17. SacredSteps

    Pilgrims Passport & Stamps along England's Pilgrims' Way

    With much thanks to Saf, Elaine, Chenahusky, Raggy and others, I have compiled a more complete list of where to receive pilgrim credentia stamps along England's Pilgrims Way from Winchester or London to Canterbury. Canterbury Cathedral has year-round events planned to coincide with the...
  18. SacredSteps

    VF from London

    I will begin the Pilgrim's Way from London's Southwark Cathedral to Cantebury and then onwards towards Rome next spring. Can someone advise where in England - other than Canterbury Cathedral - I should reasonably expect to receive a stamp? Canterbury, Shepardswel, Dover? Much thanks.
  19. SacredSteps

    Santiago to Finisterre to Muxia to Santiago

    I didn't have time to walk to the coast this year, so I would like to go back and walk to the coast. Can anyone provide answers to the two questions: 1) Can one walk the SdC -> Finisterre -> Muxia -> SdC loop and receive a Compostela on return to SdC? If so, where do you say you started? 2)...
  20. SacredSteps

    The Longest Possible Walk in the World

    Who's up for this one? 14,334 miles / 23,068 km from L’Agulhas, South Africa, through the African continent, the Middle East, Southern Europe, and Asia before terminating near Magadan, Russia. In all, it would take 3+ years of continually walking 12+ miles daily. Video overview: More here...