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  1. Susan Watson

    Recommendations for grippy soles?

    Hi Kanga, I have had a similar issue finding suitable sandals for the Camino but fit different foot issues. I have just found a pair called Allrounder made by Mephisto. I bought mine in Perth (Western Australia) at Paul Carrol shoes. Not sure if Paul Carrol us in Sydney. Haven’t tried them on a...
  2. Susan Watson

    Camino del Norte from Australia

    Hi Dan, My husband and I did our first Camino last year on the Norte and walked the Portuguese from Lisbon this year (aged 64 & 70). We enjoyed Lisbon and Porto but the spectacular scenery on the Norte makes it well worth the more difficult terrain. We flew to Paris and then took the TGV to...
  3. Susan Watson

    Best Albergue before Santarem

    Thanks Trudy & Rex, very useful info. Also about the dogs as I’m rather a scaredy-cat when it comes to dogs, although I think the dogs should be a little wary of my husband also 😀.
  4. Susan Watson

    Best Albergue before Santarem

    Thanks for the information Helene, we leave Australia tomorrow heading for Lisbon via Madrid. Do you have any more details on this Albergue in Porto de Muge i.e., name and or address? We’re a couple of oldies and would prefer not to walk 33 kms in one day if we can avoid it,
  5. Susan Watson

    Psst.... Aussies, did you know????

    Big fan of Decathlon when we were in Spain on the Norte last year. Unfortunately from Western Australia it is probably not that much more expensive to fly to Spain than Melbourne (including accommodation)..... or maybe that is a good thing. Another trip to Spain to shop at decathlon in April...
  6. Susan Watson

    Is anyone here knowledgeable about WordPress blogs?

    Hi Andy Im very new to blogging but have managed to set up pages on my nenu and have a link on each page to each of my posts. Have a look under my menu item Caminos - Camino del Norte where I have a link to each day’s post. Planning on the Camino Portuguese in May. Hopefully my blogging info...
  7. Susan Watson

    To Shell-ack or Not?

    Hi Doug, Last year my husband and I walked our first Camino, the Camino del Norte, carrying shells from home. I got the shells from the east coast of Australia in Burnett Heads, a fishing port where my twin sister lives. After we devoured the scallops I took them back home to the other side of...
  8. Susan Watson

    A camino aborted (or maybe completed) plus bonus toe question

    Hi Alicia Hi Alicia Well done and goid
  9. Susan Watson

    Luggage storage

    Thank you Trecite, you links were most helpful and our excess luggage is on its way. Tomorrow we will be on our way.
  10. Susan Watson

    Luggage storage

    Is it possible to store luggage in Santiago de Compostela? We are in San Sebastián and leaving here on Tuesday morning. We plan on being in Santiago de Compostela on 29 June after walking del Norte to Oviedo and then the Primitivo. If this is possible what address do we send it to, how much will...
  11. Susan Watson

    LIVE from the Camino Live from the Primitivo

    Yes I agree a well written piece. I will be very interested to hear how your foot holds up, we leave Australia today for Paris and then to Irun to commence our first Camino - del Norte to Oviedo and then Primitivo. I have been training hard and was feeling well prepared and strong until 3 weeks...
  12. Susan Watson

    Is swimwear necessary?

    Hi Intrepid Traveller New to this do not sure if I am replying in the correct place. We (in Australia) use them for swimming mainly for our kids to stop them getting sunburnt. They are a close fitting shirt made of similar fabric to a lightweight swimsuit and can be long or short sleeved. Some...
  13. Susan Watson

    Is swimwear necessary?

    My husband and I will be commencing our first Camino on the del Norte next month. We are both over 60 so no bikinis for me. I have quick dry undies all black and have popped a black rash shirt into my pack which I can pair with black undies as a swimsuit and the rash shirt can double as an extra...
  14. Susan Watson

    SIM Card El Camino del Norte and El Camino Primitivo

    Thank you Lirsy It is nice to have an actual address we can look up and go directly to.
  15. Susan Watson

    SIM Card El Camino del Norte and El Camino Primitivo

    Thank you for the information Tia, I will have a smart phone so will look at the SIM and the tip on stopping the auto-renew.
  16. Susan Watson

    SIM Card El Camino del Norte and El Camino Primitivo

    Thank you so much for the information and your good wishes. Yes we are planning on walking from Hendaye gare to Irun and as we will be arriving around lunch time will definitely put Chez Alain on our itinerary. Spending many years in country Australia truck stops are part of our way of life when...
  17. Susan Watson

    SIM Card El Camino del Norte and El Camino Primitivo

    Hi, My husband and I are planning our very first (and hopefully not last) Camino commencing on 25 May from Irun along the del Norte and then breaking off to complete the Primitivo. Can anyone advise the best place in Irun to get a SIM card and also the best type to get which gives as wide a...