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  1. JohnLloyd

    Go Your Own Way - Free Download

    As I'm basking in the warm glow of another viewing of "The Way" last night - the cinematic equivalent of a long hug from an old friend - I'm making my Camino book a free download from Amazon's Kindle site for a couple of days. If you'd like a literal wallow in a first-timer's Frances, feel...
  2. JohnLloyd

    Happy 80th birthday, Martin Sheen

    Happy 80th birthday to Martin Sheen, a man whose body of work stands tall in the history of American cinema. One film in particular stands out, doesn’t it? Thank you, Martin, Emilio, Taylor and all of the Estevez family - I’ll raise a glass to you all today.
  3. JohnLloyd

    The Inglés - how are things there?

    What's the current situation on the Inglés? If I was to start in Ferrol in a couple of weeks time, for example, does anyone know how things are along the route at the moment? And, continuing onwards, how are things along the Muxia/Fisterra loop too?
  4. JohnLloyd

    The Holy Year

    I recall reading a comment about the Holy Year, possibly here or maybe on one of the Facebook groups, that suggested the combination of a Holy Year and the pent-up demands of a post-COVID Camino season in 2021 may be too problematic. The suggestion was that the Pope might step in with a...
  5. JohnLloyd

    Remembering my Camino Francés - a day-by-day video series

    Back in the autumn of 2018, in those happy days when we were all still allowed outside, I walked the Camino Francés and took a few pictures along the Way, some more than others! Given all the extra time that's suddenly become available, I've now started to make those photos into short little...
  6. JohnLloyd

    Camino Skies (new film)

    I've just seen this trailer for a new Camino film in an email from Curzon Cinemas. Camino Skies film Has anyone seen this? Is it worth a tenner?
  7. JohnLloyd

    A Pilgrim Offering

    Hello all Back in the autumn of 2018, in those happy days when we were all still allowed outside, I walked the Camino Francés and wrote a blog about it every day, for five extraordinary and memorable weeks. Some of you might remember my posts here from that time. Given all the extra time...
  8. JohnLloyd

    Go Your Own Way: Following in the footsteps of Martin Sheen on the Way of St James

    Hello all Back in the autumn of 2018, in those happy days when we were all still allowed outside, I walked the Camino Francés and wrote a blog about it every day, for five extraordinary and memorable weeks. I posted links here, which seemed to be quite popular at the time. Given all the extra...
  9. JohnLloyd

    Italics or not? A question of style.

    Hello all - I hope that you are all safe and well. I'm making the most of these strange and surreal times by being a bit more creative than usual, and one of my first projects is turning my 2018 Camino Francés blog into an eBook. I'd like to make sure I'm getting certain things right, so I...
  10. JohnLloyd

    A reminder of the Portugués

    In the absence of actually being able to walk the Camino any time soon, I’m going to remind myself of the places I’ve already been, and to be thankful for those journeys and to celebrate them. I’ve knocked this up in iMovie this afternoon. I reckon you could all do something similar too. Have...
  11. JohnLloyd

    If I have to miss a stage...

    ...which one should it be? To explain, I’m three days into a Porto - SdC Camino and I’ve stopped for the day about 15km short of Ponte de Lima. I had hoped to cover about 25-28km a day and complete it by next Wednesday night/Thursday morning, but a badly timed cough/cold is slowing me down too...
  12. JohnLloyd

    Starting tomorrow...

    One Camino was never going to be enough. Starting from Porto tomorrow morning. See you along the Way.
  13. JohnLloyd

    A Second Camino - but which route to take?

    Hello all Having completed the Camino Frances last August and September, the idea of returning to walk another Way to Santiago has rarely been far from my mind. Now I've finally decided that it must be done - and after dabbling with the idea of walking the Ingles, or the triangle between...
  14. JohnLloyd

    My Camino Francés

    I’m not in the habit of re-enacting Martin Sheen films, or re-making them either. But I had a go.
  15. JohnLloyd

    Bilbao to Santander

    Hola! I’ve completed the Frances in the last few weeks, followed by a stag do in San Sebastián and I’m now in Bilbao in contemplation of the next step. There’s a Wednesday ferry from Santander to my hometown of Plymouth and I’m thinking of doing a slice of the Norte between the two. I’d love...
  16. JohnLloyd

    The Pipers

    Am I alone in wishing that there wasn’t a continuous piping performance in the Cathedral square? Half an hour on, half an hour off, perhaps,
  17. JohnLloyd

    Clothes Shops in Santiago

    Hello everyone I need to buy some actual clothes for a stag do I’m attending in San Sebastián on Friday. Just a shirt and a pair of jeans, nothing too fancy. Where would I go to find that sort of thing in Santiago?
  18. JohnLloyd

    Santiago To Fisterra

    Is it possible to get a bus ticket from Santiago to Fisterra, staying overnight and then coming back the following day? Apologies if this is a FAQ, but I couldn’t see anything about it.
  19. JohnLloyd

    The Botafumeiro

    As I find myself within 70km of Santiago, I’m beginning to prepare myself for “arriving” there. I’m hearing conflicting reports about the botafumeiro - so I’d like to ask the Hive Mind for clarification. Does it happen daily, or on Friday, or on Sunday? All three versions have been mentioned...
  20. JohnLloyd

    From Frómista To Terradillos de Los Templarios

    Meditations on the untimely death of a butterfly