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  1. sfdithomas

    So, what progress generally on allowing camping on Caminos .....

    Just mho, if folks don’t envisage feeling safe then it’s probably best for them to just stay home. People seem to want to always be accommodated no matter the cost.
  2. sfdithomas

    Offer one Camino suggestion.....

    Try sandals instead of boots. Or trail runners.
  3. sfdithomas

    Phil's Camino Documentary Movie- a story of resiliency and hope

    Thank you Lisa. I'm still not sure how to actually view this film. I have been looking on the internet for some time. Seems like you have to attend a screening, but how to find one? Is some organization doing a virtual screening that you can pay to enter? I"m guessing there are no in-person...
  4. sfdithomas

    Weight Loss

    Dear Arn, I love it! Buen Camino!
  5. sfdithomas

    Comment by 'sfdithomas' in media 'Pilgrims celebrating'

    This is such a special spot.
  6. sfdithomas

    Checked the “toe issues” threads... this one is not addressed (so far)

    I hear what you are saying but I can tell you that for me it happens with or without a sock. Seems like a gait issue. Also happens to me with or without a backpack. And I’ll say it again, it’s amazing that someone asks a question on this incredible forum and the support is off the chain!
  7. sfdithomas

    Checked the “toe issues” threads... this one is not addressed (so far)

    I do hope things improve for you. Hi Faye, I have this problem as well. Ultimately I believe it has to do with gait. Since I don’t have insurance I don’t see myself getting evaluated any time soon. I did have I insurance before my first camino and was fitted for orthotics by a podiatrist due...
  8. sfdithomas

    Another mystery photo

    It only took 11 minutes for an answer! This forum is amazing!
  9. sfdithomas

    Death of Felisa’s daughter, María

    Buen camino 💜
  10. sfdithomas

    What does 'quintana' mean?

    Or the square/marketplace of the living since the dead don’t shop!
  11. sfdithomas

    EW....that's disgusting!

    Why did you do that to me!?!? 😵😝 lol
  12. sfdithomas

    Forum Book Club - Planning for Round 1...

    I think the general idea is that we have some time to get our copies and read with an end date in mind. Then we can commence discussion. Excited!
  13. sfdithomas

    Opinion on Son walking the Camino

    Different people need to “get” different things. No one is going to have the same experience even if you do it more than once. I wouldn’t worry about it.
  14. sfdithomas

    New Camino in Southern Italy - Cammino Basiliano

    Wow! Thank you so much for this! It passes through the town of my maternal grandparents! I have been looking at the VF or other routes and trying to figure out the possibility of walking from my paternal grandparents town to Rome perhaps. This looks as if I could combine the two!
  15. sfdithomas

    Sad news; the passing of David M Gitlitz

    Buen Camino David y Linda! I just began re-reading the book a couple of days ago, it is a wonderful treasure! One of the links says that Linda passed several years ago as well.
  16. sfdithomas

    I am leaving. Not Forum just yet, but Camino.

    Buen camino David! 🌀🐚
  17. sfdithomas

    Pilgrim's office of SJDPP

    Is there a way to make a donation to this office? They were so very helpful to me in 2015. Thanks.
  18. sfdithomas

    Where is this on the Camino?

    Oh I just remembered that I stayed there if I’m remembering correctly. It’s very tiny right? Maybe two albergues and a little bakery? I was there in 2018, I’m in the process of walking back to SJPdP but was unable to travel last year. :/. Best of luck in your new venture!
  19. sfdithomas

    Where is this on the Camino?

    I’m seriously amazed at how quickly an answer came! You are amazing!