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    Rionegro (home of Me Gusta Comer) awaits its jubilee

    It had rained all day when I reached Rionegro. After I had dried out sufficiently in the Hostel I crossed the few metres to Me Gusta Comer and joined a couple of other pilgrims. Undoubtedly the best meal on my Camino.
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    Photo album of VdlP and Sanabres in 2012

    Wonderful photos. I walked the VdlP in 2015 and this brought back very joyous memories.
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    VdlP: Sevilla to Salamanca, February 2020

    I'm sorry to read of your unhappy experience in Torremejia. I stopped there in 2016. It had been a very hot walk from Villafrance de los Barros and I was pretty worn out so keen to find a decent hostel. A fellow pilgrim took me to Hostal Rural Palacio de los Lastras on the far edge of the...
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    Red Hugh O Donnell (Aogh Ruadh Ó Domhnaill) possible gravesite found in Valladolid.

    A great, almost mythical, Irish hero. It would be pretty extraordinary if bones can be found which DNA shows to have been Red Hugh. Eight, rather than ten, toes would surely help. Who knows we might even learn whether the suspicion that he was poisoned by Queen Elizabeth's agents has any substance.
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    COVID Fuenterroble hostel is hosting a baker's dozen of pilgrims who got stuck on VDLP

    I do hope the possible positive proves to be a false alarm. Staying at Fuenterroble was one of the high spots of my VdlP Camino. When I arrived on a hot late afternoon I was immediately given a gazpacho soup followed by a tomato salad which was so welcome after a long day alone in the sun. Our...
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    Must stop places VdlP

    Just reading this thread, I haven't been on the forum for quite while, brought back very happy memories. VdlP is a magical walk, much quieter than other caminos. I would endorse all the comments as to where to spend an extra day, but there are also some lovely little albergues en route which are...
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    Why no increase in pilgrims on the VdlP?

    I walked the VdlP in early April to mid-May a couple of years ago, which seemed a pretty good season to do it. Some hot, but not unbearable, days in Andalucia at the start, and a bit of cold and wet in Galicia but mostly shorts and polo shirt weather. April/May is probably the busiest time for...
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    Let's talk weight... BODY weight

    I am in my early sixties and walked the Via de la Plata in April/May covering 500 miles in just over five weeks. I ate and drank as much as I wanted and lost about 25 pounds ( from about 180 pounds), which I put back on over the next nine months.
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    Here we go again!

    Definitely take rain wear. Spring can be pretty wet especially in Galicia. I had two days of incessant rain in late April. To be positive, it was great when it cleared.
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    Menu peregrino: a close call

    Are you sure they weren't vultures, much more likely than eagles to be in such numbers together. I had a similar experience on the Via de la Plata last year. I sat down on a rock in the heat of the afternoon and noticed them starting to circle overhead. So I set off to walk. They started to...
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    My Vdlp from June 2015

    Wonderful blog, Donna. I walked the VdlP and Sanabres in April/May this year . Reading your blog conjured up pictures of all the places I had walked through and refreshed memories of a some life enhancing experiences in those few weeks. In spring was v hot in Andalucia but changed radically...
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    VDLP APRIL 2016...Seville...Who's starting out on the camino in April?

    Hi Rick, I walked from Zafra to Santiago from mid-April to mid May this year. It was a great time to walk the VdlP and I really enjoyed it . I used Gerald Kelly's guide which I found very clear and up to date. If you are carrying a smartphone you may want to download an app called" Via de la...
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    April on VdlP

    I started the VdlP in Zafra on 11 April and reached Santiago on 14 May this year, having taken a day off in each of Caceres, Salamanca and Zamora, all of which were well worth it. Weather was good, hottish in the South, cool in the mountains and slightly (but no more) wet in Galicia. A great...
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    Recent Robbery on 2nd day out of Seville

    Hi Felix, I see you are starting the VdlP shortly. I can't help on the subject of this thread, but I am flying our this week and starting the camino from Zafra on 11 April. So we may meet up. Patrick
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    April on VdlP

    I am starting the Vdlp shortly, its my first. Planning to fly from UK to Madrid and train to Seville, arriving on 9 April. Still undecided whether to start from Seville on 10 April or travel up to Zafra and stride out from there the following day. Is anyone else considering starting around...
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    April 3-May 12 on VdlP, route switch from Camino del Norte

    Hi you two, I am arriving in Seville on 9 April. I haven't quite decided whether to start from there on 10 April, (in which case I will have missed you) or to catch the train to Zafra and start from there on 11th. If I do that I suspect that you will be just n front of me but we may meet up...