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  1. ivar

    Live from the Camino "Gareth from Dublin on Camino yesterday" PART 2.

    I had a nice chat with Gareth earlier today. More on that here:
  2. ivar

    Franziska walked from O Cebreiro to Santiago, arriving July 15th.

    I talked to her about her experience.
  3. ivar

    Sarria to Santiago -

    I talked to someone today that walked from O Cebreiro to Santiago (arrived 2 days ago) and they loved it. I just recorded an interview with her on Zoom a few minutes ago... will post it later tonight. They felt safe and used to book accommodation (they seem to be updated on how is...
  4. ivar

    Pamplona/Roncesvalles to St Jean Pied de Port

    It may be that for smaller screens (your phone might have a smaller screen than ours), it needs to cut something out and that the date is removed. It might be a screen-size thing, and not a mobile / not mobile issue..
  5. ivar

    Pamplona/Roncesvalles to St Jean Pied de Port

    I am in a phone now and can see it... see below..
  6. ivar

    Pamplona/Roncesvalles to St Jean Pied de Port

    My initial post here is from 2005 when the forum was run on a different software... and the URL’s changed, so the link does not work anymore. I would try to search for it in the home page if the forum
  7. ivar

    Less pilgrims in Burgos, more in Santiago

    More here:
  8. ivar

    Luggage transfer to SJPP

    One option is: ...they use DHL.
  9. ivar

    Snow at O Cebreiro today

  10. ivar

    RIP @Dorpie (Rob)

    I hope his family have been notified by now. The pilgrim that died in Roncesvalles that morning was @Dorpie , a veteran forum member that has been a member of this forum since 2015. May he rest in peace. I should add that I did get this news from another forum member that stayed with him at the...
  11. ivar

    RIP @Dorpie (Rob)

    May he rest in peace. Buen camino!
  12. ivar

    To Orisson or not to Orisson...

    There have been a few threads on this over the years... here are a few: :)
  13. ivar

    Item left behind in Paris - advice?

    I wonder if you can use something like . I think they use DHL and you can set a pickup address and a destination address and pay online. The hotel would need to print out the shipping label. Not sure if the DHL driver has an envelope or not, but if not, they would need...
  14. ivar

    Will it EVER slow down?

    I have set up a new forum called "Looking for volunteers, interested in volunteering" under the "Miscellaneous Topics" main forum... I guess it can be used by people looking for volunteers, and those interested in volunteering...
  15. ivar

    Pilgrims And Tourists to PAY, Except to Pray, to visit the Cathedral in Lugo

    I am closing this thread... I feel what needs to be said, had been said.. and we are on the limit of rule 2:
  16. ivar

    OK. Checking out of here

    God tur!
  17. ivar

    Death of a German pilgrim in Najera

    La Voz de Galicia :