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  1. Singingheart

    Illness, injury, recovery and hopes for the Camino Frances this Spring/Summer

    What a remarkable and moving story, Dhollo! Your indomitable spirit shines through it. I'm reminded of Raynor Winn's books, "The Salt Path" and "The Wild Silence", which you may know, the memoirs about Raynor's husband Moth, and his own struggle with a different disorder. The similarity is how...
  2. Singingheart

    Ode to the Camino

    Beautiful. Thank you!
  3. Singingheart

    Reflecting on the Camino

    This is beautiful and takes me back instantly to the wonder of the Camino, of each of my Caminos. Thank you Paul!
  4. Singingheart

    A pet peeve

    On the other hand, it was a Camino presentation by a woman just retired that made me fall in love madly with the Camino in 2014, head over heels. Her talk, with a marvelous slide show, was informative, funny, totally honest about pain and pitfalls, practical and inspirational. Before she had...
  5. Singingheart

    Wainwrights Coast to Coast UK Compared to Camino Frances

    Thank you for your honesty. I'm going to look into getting a GPS device. That sounds really helpful. I'm also going to take a course on using a compass with a topographical map. And my days are mostly reasonably short. The longest is the 14.5 miles from Patterson to Bampton Grange. The average...
  6. Singingheart

    Wainwrights Coast to Coast UK Compared to Camino Frances

    What did you find the most difficult part of the C2C? The terrain, the weather? I've walked both the Camino Frances and the Portuguese from Porto to Finisterre, and my plan is to walk the C2C this coming September. I'm trying to prepare myself for what may be the hardest thing I've ever done...
  7. Singingheart

    Wainwrights Coast to Coast UK Compared to Camino Frances

    Thanks for suggesting this thread, Wes. Your description of the C2C is scary though. Honestly, do you think it's foolhardy for a 76 year old woman to attempt it alone? I know there will be lots of others on the walk, and I'm hoping that if things get really bad, I can tag along with others. I...
  8. Singingheart

    Sept.-Oct. 2017 pilgrims: check in!

    Kathy Dahm, from St. Louis, MO, starting from Porto on October 7.
  9. Singingheart

    Road Enquiry: Avoiding Highways / Traffic

    I do have a red Ferrino poncho. I guess if I change my mind before I leave in 13 days, I can return the vest. I did get it on Amazon Prime. :) No, I don't want to carry useless weight. Too many decisions!!!
  10. Singingheart

    Road Enquiry: Avoiding Highways / Traffic

    I've just ordered an ultra lightweight reflective vest, because of this thread.
  11. Singingheart

    Feeling overwhelmed

    Thank you so much, Tania. I'm likely to go with what I have and make ruthless decisions on the way then.
  12. Singingheart

    Feeling overwhelmed

    Thanks so much for your input. I really am NOT trying to fill up my backpack. I just love the support it has, wide padded waist and shoulder straps. If I took just one pair of hiking pants, I wouldn't have anything to change into. I'm not sure what you're suggesting there. One zips off into...
  13. Singingheart

    Feeling overwhelmed

    And if you leave the albergues? I first found a pair of ultra lightweight sandals that had absolutely no arch at all, and I couldn't imagine walking through a village or city in them, after the day's walk. It was like walking barefoot and I need a bit more support. Maybe I should be happy with...
  14. Singingheart

    Feeling overwhelmed

    What are your sandals that weigh only 6 oz?
  15. Singingheart

    Feeling overwhelmed

    I love reading all these lists and comparing with mine. I'm still very concerned about my full pack weight, including a liter of water, about 18 pounds. I'm 73 and weight about 130. I think one reason the weight is "high" is that the pack itself isn't a small one. It's a Deuter 45+10 and weighs...
  16. Singingheart


    Hope to see you. Where are you staying in SJPdP?
  17. Singingheart


    I'm leaving SJPP on September 7. I'm flying home (to St. Louis) from Madrid on October 28. Kathy
  18. Singingheart

    Poncho with Rain Pants

    What brand of pain pants did you use?